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35% 104 votes
65% 197 votes
301 people voted
Yes, I think science will surprise us this time 88 votes

Yes, I think science will surprise us this time
No, I don't think that's possible 93 votes

No, I don't think that's possible
Yes, but I don't think it will be good enough 41 votes

Yes, but I don't think it will be good enough
Maybe, but I'm doubtful 79 votes

Maybe, but I'm doubtful
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  I find it tragic that it has become a political football - shutting the world down not justified when you compare death statistics it is equal to a flu strain but figures are fudged and conflated by vested interests including mainstream media creating fear and panic for the power of control


  I would think end of next year is far more realistic.


  Yes, I know it’s often been said by experts in the field of vaccinology that anything less than 18 months (from start of pandemic) would be too short a timeline for safety and efficacy, but I believe in the collective will of humanity and the power of science to prevail at this time to create a vaccine by the end of this year - without sacrificing safety or efficacy. There is a lot of will, money and power behind this ... It is at the top of the world’s list of priorities right now, well in many countries anyway. Too many people are dying and falling sick from Covid-19. From a cynical standpoint, some of the world’s most powerful, wealthy, developed countries are behind the drive to accelerate the design and testing of an effective, safe vaccine. And if humankind can walk on the moon, then humankind can do this!!! I bet there were many who believed we couldn’t walk on the moon safely or effectively either! Call me optimistic, and maybe I’ll be eating my words at end of year, lol, but hey, this is just a poll and my belief is strong in the collective power of humankind. When there’s a will, there’s a way. It may not be fully rolled out by end of this year, but will something have been designed that is effective and safe? In answer to your question, I believe so.


  Voted "No". The timescale is too short for adequate testing for efficacy and safety.

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