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28% 493 votes
72% 1256 votes
1749 people voted
I think that people should have the right to decide. 1174 votes

I think that people should have the right to decide.
I think live is sacred and no human has the right to decide. 318 votes

I think live is sacred and no human has the right to decide.
It makes me afraid. 183 votes

It makes me afraid.
These laws make me feel safe. 74 votes

These laws make me feel safe.
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  Need to look and consider all options before taking extreme measure when it comes to this type of decision making.


  If a patient is in extreme pain and the prognosis is grave, then discussion needs to still be made with family. I feel for myself that I would let my life end because it is convenient for others. God knows when my life should end. However, I am in the midst of deciding my cat’s life in the next few months because his tumors metastasis and he is suffering with full blown cancer. I have to make that decision to euthanize him. I am just making him comfortable now and he doesn’t seem to be in pain, but the moment his kidneys or pancreas or his cancer causes pain and is irreversible prognosis then I will make the compassionate choice to euthanize him. His is losing his appetite and weight or if the cancer spreads to his lungs and if that gets worse, then I will euthanize him. That somewhat changes my views on patient’s deciding to end their life, BUT it isn’t just the doctor’s decision!!! It also needs to see the patient’s environment, medications and emergency relatives consideration!!!


  I saw a documentary about doctors in facilities who ask if a patient is depressed or not, and if they say yes & then ask if the patient wants to end the life then the facilities don’t even notify closest or emergency contact to discuss with them. If the relatives at least talk to the patient to see if the patient is just depressed or not taking the right medication or something not right with the facility. That should be done with relatives and patient discussion and choice, and not a doctor’s order.

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