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from Australia
I love gardening craft renovating and travel. Keen on recycling and reusing things to prevent landfill. I love our native wildlife and spending time with family and friends.
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I also meant to answer you questioning if I got Andrews promise of 4000 ICU Units and $1.2 billion dollars to the hospitals. Well firstly ..Yes I did get it right and no it was not Ventilators. As a Nurse I'm surprised you wouldn't know about this. Google his Press Conference with Jenny Mikakos on 1/4/2020. I'm sure if you just search Dan Andrews promises 4000 ICU Beds it'll come up because he's been ridiculed about it so often. The reason hospitals and staff are exhausted is not Covid patients its lack of funding. Same with the Ambulance System. This was all going on Pre Covid as I'm sure you would know. Just needed to clear that up. Have a great week..:-) 5 days ago


Hi, There is a way to stop this and it’s called the power of the people. Most vaccinated I know don’t want vaccine mandates or passports as they too know it’s not to do with health but a complete tracking system. Daniel Andrews has stopped Contact tracing in Victoria and left it up to the people to report if they have Covid and where they were. Now that brings up the question as to why we still have to sign into every place you go. With no contact tracing it means nothing as no one will be able to look on the Govt website for Tier I or Tier 2 sites anymore. It doesn’t make sense that it’s health related. It makes sense for Police and Govt though as you are tracked everywhere. What worries me too is hackers. If they hack in and follow your movements they know if your home or miles away at a restaurant or away in the country for example as they can see where, when and the time you checked in. Good opportunity to Rob your home. Just so much is wrong with this but my main concern is Freedom Of Choice. No one in a Democratic Society should be coerced, threatened with no employment to take a medical procedure that is still experimental and is known to have serious side affects. I’m not an anti vaxxer. I have my flu etc but I won’t have this one as I don’t believe it’s had enough long term testing and I certainly wouldn’t let a child have it with the amount of myocarditis cases associated with it. Anyway it’s not against you or anyone else. I just think Medical choices are your own to make. Take care. Enjoy your Sunday...cheers Jen PS I wrote another comment on your topic if you can be bothered reading it.. 6 days ago


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