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from United Kingdom
hi well im Geri short for Geraldine but thats a bit long i am from Northern Ireland , i joined as need more to do , to keep the mind alert as at home due to ill health ...... happy to meet you all ... will add my favourite quote : May the you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you dead :-).why? am a believer of both them places , and how you treat humans can make a difference to were you end up :-) so i try my best each day to do the good , not always successfully:-) gx


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Voted on the poll: Would you buy a house near a cliff edge 52 minutes ago


Voted on the thumb: Lockdown laughs. 11 hours ago


Afternoon my wee G. why don't you get yourself a wee 2nd hand bike..? mine is..the tyre burst 3 weeks ago and the whole tyre was wrecked! luckily I stopped as could of had a near miss if a car was behind I thought it was just a puncture but the whole thing cracked open!!! ..but managed to get it was just done in. Luckily it was a place that was open that helps keyworkers but do other was fixed in 2 it was great as I missed it. I don't always go far on it..just around my times. It is great and gives me some freedom..great for the old legs too. Anyways hope you are well..I am..and still off my work G..furloughed but not sure for how much longer as they are trying to get everyone back..and I am sure this virus will come back in the autumn/winter tenfold. don't mean to be depressing but south korea opened their schools again and had to shut them as quick as they opened! so I am dredding going back to work..too. I could quite happily... retire if someone offered and potter about all day. ok I am away the now. H xx 11 hours ago


Voted on the thumb: Lockdown laughs. 14 hours ago


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