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from United Kingdom
Im Mel im like marmite either love me or hate me !!! If you have cake and cocktails feel free to come and say hello :- ) if not ....theres the door -------》 lol


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Fingers crossed for your Mum. :-) . I am okay. You are right, it's not the same. I guess life is about changes, but there used to be more giggles. Best of luck with your Mum & with life in general. Love, Si 11 days ago


Try Lidl or Aldi for tomato soup. Not the same, obviously, but others have recommended this as an alternative in the past. :-) 13 days ago


Hi Babes, thank you for raising a smile. :-) The "withdrawn" is just being less active on topics. So many misrepresent news items or generalise against nations, groups or sub-groups that it got too wearing trying to make sure people had url links to true details, so that they're not left deceived. These topics get rewarded with a thousand points, so there's essentially CCM rewards for bigotry, misinformation and deceit. I stick around because the occasional Toluna PayPal reward helps with the grocery bill, but there's not much fun and decent company left here for the likes of me. Apologies for sounding down. It's nothing really, once you put it into perspective. I am glad your Mum is still with you, although I am obvious sad she is suffering. Her strength, courage and love is obviously very strong to still be here with her loved ones. Thanks again for the smile (and the tickling) and for thinking of me. It's very touching. Stay safe, be good (or a least careful) and be lucky. :-) 14 days ago


Hi Mel....few hours here for the end of this year...true things come to an end and then its a new beginning filled with good health, peace, happiness and success....yes, each day starts with a positive note, a strong conviction to stay strong...have a lovely happy new year and stay blessed :)xxx 6 months ago


Hi People...its that time of the year again.....yes 11th Dec when we all get together wish Simonguk a Very Happy B'day......Have a great weekend:) 6 months ago


Hi Babes :-) Nice to hear from you. I was thinking of you just last weekend - I was reflecting on the reasons I used to log in to Toluna & one of the biggest reasons was the people and how some of the good ones, like you, could make me feel better about life. I have avoided Covid and colds, but as I am not far off totally isolating I guess it should not be a surprise. I gave a flu hab and a Covid booster to organise, so presumably they'll keep me safe. I hope you have a good Christmas & that your Mum keeps defying the doctors estimates. Thank you for getting in touch. Hugs. Si 7 months ago


Post your message...Hi People....5th Sept is Kenjames B'day......Happy September:) 10 months ago


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