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  81 months ago

How to stop cats fouling in your garden??

Having read that cats don’t like gravel we decided to put some around the grassed areas in our back garden to try and stop them from fouling. I think this must have worked for a couple of weeks but the other day I noticed there was a mound of gravel and when I went to check it, a cat had obviously been. This happened yesterday as well. I’m starting to get a bit sick of this now and wonder if anyone has any tips I could try to make them stop. I was thinking of buying the device that makes a sound only cats can hear but upon researching them they don’t really have very good reviews. If only I could afford to buy a dog!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Gill O

  80 months ago
I am sure there is something you can buy from the Garden Centre which you put down and they don;t like the smell of it, so they go somewhere else! Hope it works! Gx


  81 months ago
Jeyes fluid is quite good, but you have to keep applying it. Also paprika or chilli powder. I've given up with them though. Next door has 9 cats and I have a Corrie style backyard which used to have beautiful shrubs growing in tubs. Nearly all have been ruined by the wee monsters. And I have lost heart in gardening.


  81 months ago
If you can get hold of a large container of cayenne pepper and sprinkle some around, that stops them. They hate getting things like that on their paws. I put out my coffee grounds where they use the front garden for a loo, out back we do have a dog and she loves chasing the cats. They don't come around there any more.


  81 months ago
I did once read that cats are scarred of scent marks from bigger cats, so if you live near a zoo and have a shovel and a truck, you could try bringing home some lion or tiger muck or similar and putting that around your garden!!


  81 months ago
shoot them.....feckin horrible things. The amount of plants i have had ruined by has cost me a fortune. If you dont want to shoot them, try filling an empty pop bottle with water and putting them around the garden. They think it is another cat and run away. I have a jack russell, and you would think he would keep them away.


  81 months ago
Try cutting up raw onion or something else with a strong smell that they won`t like.

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