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66 months ago

Has David Cameron been a good prime minister so far? Would you describe him as a good leader?

I am not sure about the answer to this question so i would like to know other peoples opinions


  66 months ago
There have ben ups and downs as you'd expect for any PM. On the whole I think he's been OK.


  66 months ago
The answer to that is he could be a good Prime Minister, if he wasn't tied up to the totally useless Liberals. Also people don't seem to have any idea of the size of the debts he was left with after the last Labour government. He is the first one in a long while that seems to listen to what he is being told. I know he has made a few mistakes, but what minister hasn't. One thing is for sure, they can't be as bad as the last government, they nearly brought this country to it's knees.


  66 months ago
This is a pretty easy question to answer.........NOPE!!!!!
Has the country become better or worse since he came into power?? I know you could say he's picking up the pieces from a destroyed country due to the past prime ministers, but i think that is a bit of a cop-out!! The government has focused so much on Cuts etc, they have failed to look at the bigger picture, the knock on effect of their actions!!! They are signing 2/3 of those on sickeness benefit back to work, but guess what...there aren't any jobs because they have halved the employment levels to "save money!" I don't know what the answer is, and i wouldn't want his job for love nor money, but they haven't got it even closely right yet!!

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