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  84 months ago

Smoking should not be permitted in restaurants, and state laws that prohibit it should be upheld.
Do you agree or disagree?


In my opinion smoking should definitely be prohibited in restaurants, as well as in administrative buildings. The points which have to be considered are the health of the people and their feelings.
It is thought that smoking causes a variety of diseases from lung fibrosis till lung cancer and so on. Not only can the person that is smoking be affected but also the people sitting around and breath in the smoke of the cigarette. Lung diseases are very bad and difficult to be threatened. Another point is the smell. Being around with smokers causes that your clothes, your hair and your whole body smells like cold smoke. Often people don´t feel comfortable with that. Especially in a restaurant the food will taste and smell in a different way if people are allowed to smoke in the same room where other people are eating. I think it is really annoying.


  80 months ago
In England that is prohibited & i'm so thankful of that, i used to be a smoker & don't want to be 1 of those naggy ex-smoker types lol but i was recently surrounded by some smokers in a social situation & by the time i went to bed, my throat was dry & ragged & my lungs were wheezing as though i'd smoked about 60 myself.


  84 months ago
Smoking IS prohibited in restaurants, and all pubs, clubs and public buildings, and buses, and bus shelters, and sports stadiums etc, has been for the last four years.


  84 months ago
i am a smoker and i completely agree with you we have had this law in force here for a few years now and find that the pubs and restaurants are so much nicer to go to now without the tench of a hundred smokers

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