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  82 months ago

Can you actually make money selling Betterware or Kleeneze ?

Is this a good job ? Can you make money ? Is it hard work ?


  82 months ago
I guess it would depend on your powers of persuasion. You have to persistent and a bit pushy. As for me, I have never been good at selling things. I am just not agressive enough.


  82 months ago
I don't think you can unless your lucky and have a good area. They charge silly money to start up. Of course it would be hard work, there is no such thing as easy money.


  82 months ago
can you do the same with avon, i suppose if you work hard enough


  82 months ago
I did it when I was married a few years ago. It was really hard work but I was making an average of £30 per week. It's something you have to build up. Christmas is a great time. I earned over £120 in one week, one year, but at the beginning you can get a bit downhearted if your given territory is not an affluent one.


  82 months ago
I tried this years ago, and found it was hard work, because of how time consuming it was delivering and collecting the catalogues in such a rural area where I live. The returns didn't really warrant the effort I had to put in at the time, so I didn't do it for long at all.
I've also noticed that we are currently getting Kleeneze books through our door from three different agents lately. One of them even had a leaflet in with the book trying to recruit more agents for the area! I honestly don't know how they can be making much of a living from it themselves, let alone trying to add to the saturation of agents in this particular area.
If it's something you are considering I'd say check out what's already going on in your area, and be prepared for lots of leg work for potentially limited rewards. Good on ya if ya can make a go of it!


  82 months ago
i have never tried selling it as i have tried some of their products and they are really poor quality

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