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  137 months ago

Buying First Home- Tips Appreciated!

I am currently in the process of buying my first home. I am buying it alone and it is a massive step for me. I am buying a home out of circumstance more than desire. I had always said I would rent so that I'm not tied down to one particular area. However, it is apparent that buying a home will work out more sensible financially in my situation. My parents have had a messy divorce, I have been living with them for a while and I work full time in a career that takes up a lot of my time. In other words, I can't travel around like I'd always dreamed of (yet). Now my parents' house is going to be sold, fast, and I have a few weeks (really about 3) to sort myself out. I've been meeting with a mortgage advisor and am going to view some (small) properties tomorrow. We're talking the bottom end of the market.

Have you any tips for me as i would appreciate any advice, I have not really had very much guidance or support and I would appreciate any knowledge you have to impart about buying a house, viewing houses, buying furniture, energy companies. Anything at all that a new homebuyer would need to know walking blind into a situation. I'm not an idiot, I am just very new to this. In other words, please help! This is a nervewracking and stressful time. Thankyou!


  135 months ago
I would love to be able to offer some advice, but it has been twenty years since I bought a house and it was a different time then, different economic situation, cheaper property, &c.
Actually I now see from the topic date that you have presumably already got your house by now, so I'll change this to "I hope your new house is great" or some such comment.
Good luck, anyway.


  137 months ago
I hope it all goes ok for you but I haven't any advice to offer as it was over thirty years since I bought my house.


  137 months ago
In your situation, buying a flat is often more sensible. If you intend to sell quickly one day, you will find a flat is generally more desirable for first time single buyers.

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