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60 months ago

Should young people stay in school until 18 in the UK?

Keeping young people in education will tackle this unemployment problem by making it easier for youth to get jobs. With higher qualifications such as A levels employers will want to hire people with better qualifications. Also many young people find that they cannot afford to go to college without EMA. Child trust funds and the future job fund schemes are being abolished while tuition fees are being tripled. If all young people stay in compulsory education until 18 then everyone can have education, not just the rich.

There are many other reasons why young people should stay in school
It further expands the next generation’s knowledge
Stops violence and poverty
Makes them better citizens because of humanities subjects (such as citizenship and sociology)
Helps young people develop better skills
Young people are taught about dedication and hard work to attain A levels
Makes less people part of neet as 17 and 18 year olds will be in education


  60 months ago
I am not sure my son of ten already has to do an extra year until he is seventeen as the rules have changed, my daughter who is sixteen in May will leave school this year, she had done really well already in her exams but has not enjoyed this last year, think that they have had enough of school by the time they have reached this age, it would be better to have them all go on to college and be treated more like adults at this age than like a school child still


  60 months ago
All toppings meaty and spicy! I also like sweetcorn and mushrooms!
Mmmm drools....


  60 months ago
I agree with zane 13 it would be a good thing ,it is not good for young people to be unemployed and eventually caught in the trap of poverty and claiming benefits with not much pride or value in life.


  60 months ago
I agree they should stay in school until age 18, in America they do.

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