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  88 months ago

Are Blockbuster Video Stores closing down in your area. If so, how do you feel or how does this affect you?

There is a Blockbuster in our area that was fine last week and now this week has a sign up saying that store will be closing and everything must go. I wish i had the money to go on a shopping spree there now since allot of good and recently released movies are around $2.99 each. As far as it affecting a consumer, it won't. I used to go to blockbuster, but later started subscribing to Netflix and would only go to BB if there was something I wanted to see and Netflix either didn't have it or I didn't want to wait for it if it was a movie that couldn't be streamed. But then stopped going to BB all together when they tried to start being more like netflix and stuff became less available in store. Netflix is cheaper than BB and now I get movies for free at the library if I don't want to wait with Netflix. I do feel bad for the people who's jobs are at risk. It's not helping the unemployment rate, that's for sure.

Kilgore Trout

  87 months ago
The Blockbusters in my neighborhood are closing their doors permanently. Where am I supposed to go to talk to video clerks for hours on end about why "Driving Miss Daisy" is the answer to the rapidly declining blue tuna population? Sad to see it go...


  88 months ago
Idon't heave a Blockbuster Video here. The Hollywood Video here in town closed down. I rent from Redbox at the grocery store.


  88 months ago
I don't have a Blockbuster in my immediate area. I guess Blockbuster was blindsided by Netflix.


  88 months ago
They're still open around here but haven't been there in years.


  88 months ago
Yes I was sad to see any business go under. Hollywood Video went by the wayside, Borders Book Store is now closing. I feel bad for the employees who have to search in this job market. I will probably be standing in the unemployment line with these people.


  88 months ago
They aren't closing down in my area at all, even if they were it wouldn't affect me since I don't rent videos. My brother rents all the time and I use some of my 'points' to help him do so.


  88 months ago
It is the same in the UK, but that is not surprising when Asda (Walmart) are selling new DVD's at the same price ats it costs to rent them from the DVD shops. I think this is what they call progress :-)


  88 months ago
I never used Blockbuster, as I have other video stores around me which I patronized. So it really won't affect me at all. I will, however, check out the one that's closest to me to see if they're still going to be there. I'm more upset about Borders closing - they're closing ALL of the ones in my area!


  88 months ago
Yes since Blockbuster filed bankrupty for their block stores, but I do understand they will continue boxes like netflix and redbox has and their online store rentals and downloads.. Netflix suppose to be good too especially if you have a xbox or psp there is a package for around $10 a month in my area so you can get movies and games...

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