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  89 months ago

Is it worth getting cavity wall insulation and do you notice the difference?

I have someone calling this evening to discuss cavity wall insulation and extra loft insulation. With a little bit of luck I will also get a grant to reduce the price. Does it really reduce the bills and does the house feel warmer?


  89 months ago
Oh, yes, our house definitely feels warmer. Ironically, we had ours done the day before we were going on holiday in December and the neighbour looking after the house was so impressed with how warm ours felt that she booked to have her own house done as soon as she could. We had it done for free on a special deal (hubby's on benefits) and she paid full whack, but she's delighted with the results. One thing, though, they don't half make a mess so move things out of the way.


  89 months ago
I got loft insulation put in a few weeks ago. Its hard to tell if there is any sort of difference as the temperature has risen a bit since the cold snap we experienced over christmas. It can't do any harm having extra insulation. It wont make your house any colder :-)


  89 months ago
Can't help you on this one as when I got somebody to come round and see the house he reckoned it wasn't suitable for cavity wall insulation and would be a waste of time. I have got extra loft insulation though.


  89 months ago
Hi bulay , We have had cavity wall insulation for a while now , and hubby put extra loft insulation in the loft and boarded it out , we did not get a grant for any of it , but it has been well worth it and the house is very definately warmer , especially the upstairs we have also had the central heating on less had since we did it .
When we got it done I really did not think it would make a difference but it has .
If you are in the position of being able to get a grant I would grab it . Take care


  89 months ago
Hi there mate cavity wall isulation makes a big difference mate and get it if you can well worth the money,you will feel the difference in no time and the bills will be less take care mate regards dicka42


  89 months ago
yes you will be able to tell a big difference. we had it done 2 years ago and the house is a lot warmer now

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