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73 months ago

'Masturbation makes you go blind'. What strange old wives tales have you heard and did you ever believe them?

That and rub a gold ring on your eye if you have a stye in it or was it silver....


  70 months ago
"If you go out with wet hair you'll get a cold". Total bollocks. I hate old wives tales. All based on hearsay and idiotic tradition.


  72 months ago
I didn't believe any but here are a few I've heard:
-An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.
-Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.
-An apple a day keeps the doctor away
-Feed a cold and starve a fever
-To predict the sex of a baby: Suspend a wedding band held by a piece of thread over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy.
-If a clock which has not been working suddenly chimes, there will be a death in the family.
-If your right ear itches, someone is speaking well of you. If your left ear itches, someone is speaking ill of you.
-Do not place new shoes upon a table, for this will bring bad luck
-If you bite your tongue while eating, it is because you have recently told a lie.


  73 months ago
Masturbation and blindness aside, just don't eat cheese before you go to sleep because you know what might could have nightmares ;)


  73 months ago
Carrots will make you see in the dark lol. :))


  73 months ago
throw salt over your shoulder if you spill some, it goes in the devils eyes and stops him doing bad things or :)


  73 months ago
the only one i can think of is eating your carrots will make you see in the dark!


  73 months ago
If you unscrew your belly button, your bottom will fall off. FACT- or so my Dad maintains
Mouth Ulcers are caused by kissing boys. You can get rid of them (mouth ulcers, not boys) by putting salt on them.
The number of blows it takes to blow out the candles on your birthday cake is the number of boyfriends that you have had. Maybe that is why old people only have 1 candle- so they don't give away any secrets!
If you bang your head on the pillow 7 times before you go to sleep, you will wake up 7 hours later.


  73 months ago
If you eat crusts you will have curly hair . . . . . . .


  73 months ago
I thought it was hairy palms!
Careful or the morality brigade will be upon you....
Rub frostbite with snow to cure it. I think I did believe that when I was little, but luckily knew better by the time I ever had to treat it.
I'm a first aider and to my horror a colleague came to work a few years ago with a really bad burn that her flatmate had persuaded her to douse in olive oil! So there are still people out there who put fat (butter or oil) on burns. Don't do it!
Horse chestnuts deter spiders. This has been disproven.


  73 months ago
LOL, I remember that one, does that explain why pretty much everyone over the age of 40 wears glasses?
I've heard the gold ring one too.....
Hmmm, rub a piece of potato on a wart and bury it, as it rots the wart will go away.
Kissing frogs/toads will give you warts.
Peel an apple, in one strip and then throw the peel over your shoulder, the letter it forms will be the initial of your true love.
Sitting on cold surfaces will give you piles.
I don't think I ever believed in any of them..............

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