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65 months ago

Do you think that music has just gone downhill after the 90's and most things before?

I'm a teenager, born in the 90's. Personally, I would have loved to be born years earlier. The music today, it's always all about the usual; sex, drugs, guys, girls, etc. I miss the days of real music, not mainstream stuff that's considered 'Fresh', but the older Rock'n'Roll, Jazz, Folk, anything. Anything that was written or produced back then. Even the covers of the older songs - today - are nowhere near as amazing as they were back then. What do you think? Music has taken a downfall, or it's only evolving into something more amazing?


  61 months ago
I agree with BloodyHorizon. It's a bit samey now. I much prefer the older music written by the people who sing the songs rather than manufactured pop tarts/tards. I love 50s music but also love 90s and wish I could've been around when grunge was around. I was about 3 when 'punk broke' so missed out!


  63 months ago
Even back "in the old days" music was STILL about sex, drugs, etc. But it was better! The 80's had the best music, can't really remember much from the 90's and todays music is pointless!! I'm not that old but I prefer older music


  64 months ago
When it comes down to it the majority of music produced at any given time is actually pretty average. As pcos says, there is much about today that is good, just not in the pop charts... and the same goes for most eras. In the 60s you could have listened to Ewan McColl, Miles Davis or Frank Ifield... only the latter was ever going to be a successful chart act.
Lrnhrz makes a good point about the era from 1965 to 1975... during that decade a lot of music that would generally be considered "underground" made it into the mainstream to the benefit of the music scene in general. Jazz and folk have pretty much never been more than a niche taste (except Acker Bilk perhaps) but there's still much good music out there if you look for it.


  65 months ago
The old classics and genres you refer to, were not the mainstream of their days. Even the classical music was considered progressive when it first appear after baroque! I believe you can still find quality music nowadays, you just have to look for it out of the mainstream industry, check the alternatives. There are many music diamonds even in the promoted genres but they become lost in the majority of mediocre songs. Maybe 20 years later you will see that some songs you know today have become the classics of tomorrow!


  65 months ago
When i look back over say the last 50 or 60 years and listed to the various styles of music i think between 1965 and 1975 produced the best music. That era encompasses the 'flower power' era and so much new and interesting music was produced. The 'underground' sound was absolutely fantastic i think - bring back the beads and the flowers!!


  65 months ago
I have children of your age and I enjoy some of their music but I have an affinity with music from my younger years. I also love the music from my parents era. You like what you like I guess, I prefer the older stuff


  65 months ago
Music went down way before the 90s.
The best music ever was 60s; 70s; 80s; Today's music as no rhythm or meaning.


  65 months ago
i so agree with you. I was a teenager in the 1970s at the height of punk and the new wave, what a time to be 16? For me, after this everything went downhill so i stopped listening in roughly 1984
blessed be


  65 months ago
A bit hard to say as I think there's also an element of music being associated with your youth involved. However, when I was teenager in the '80s I liked listening to the sounds of the 60s and 70s, so not sure. Simon Cowell's got a lot to answer for some of the appalling music around today however. Some other stuff I really quite like however.

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