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61 months ago

Tara the medium? What do you think about astrology?

Here is my latest missive from the SPAM email of Tara the medium...

"I don’t understand.

I did a detailed study of your case, and there’s no doubt about it: a period of incredible good luck, lasting 52 days, is going to start for you on Friday, August 13th. Despite my messages you haven’t bothered to go to the link I told you about.

Please don’t make a huge mistake, Steppenwolf!"

Does anybody else get this load of bollocks? I've tried to unsubscribe several times and I just get the same crap from a different email address. I know damned well he/she/it can't have an accurate chart for me as even i don't know the time of day I was born, and if she was that good a medium she'd know what I thought about the inane charlatans that are astrologers.

What do you think about astrology?


  59 months ago
Yes, I got the same from Tara and I never replied. Had nohing from a long time now, so hopefully Tara got the hint.


  60 months ago
OK number one rule Steppen, never attempt to unsubscribe from Spam, because then the spammer knows he has a real email address, and sells it, so if you ever click the link to supposedly unsubscribe, all your doing is inviting a million more junk mails to land on you. I don't know if I get this crap or not, I just see a mail count next to my spam folder and go straight for the words "empty without looking".


  61 months ago
Hi steppenwolf_a_558, i too get emails from Tara, She says she can see a very good future with me. not a word about me being severely disabled with one hand , deaf and partially blind lol. I say the same as you, if she was a true medium she should have picked these up and known that i have a lot of down days. quite a difference to her saying that she has had a vision of me running in a meadow,[ i wish ] lol.

Ragdoll Lady

  61 months ago
I too have had this type of mail. Realised immediately that it was rubbish and ignored it. I am not really into astrology but i do beleive it to be an interesting sceince and would not knock it. Its far too mathematical for me but think of all the greats in history who were astrologers! Had she been a good physic she would have known what you thoght of astrology. A meduim communicates with those who have left this life and gone on to the next, and a Clairvoyant can glimpse intothe future.


  61 months ago
Hi, I'm prepared to give astrology the benefit of the doubt but would never be interested in following up this sort of rubbish. If she's that good at prediction she should know that you will never give her any money . . .


  61 months ago
Yes and I tell her she is no good at her job as she would realise her predictions do not work and I do not believe the mumbo jumbo and will not send any money so she predicted on the wrong one there!


  61 months ago
Lol true she cannot be that good without all your information which it sounds like you havent supplied, I tend to get a lot of those money laundering types where they have a huge amount of money for me and want lots of information from me to transfer it, or the FBI type. I just delete them


  61 months ago
I get the same rubbish from Tara daily I too have tried to unsubscribe to no avail. My luck was due to start on 8 august and I would have a big win either on a Wednesday or Saturday but she would have to clear the negative energies around me first. For this it only costs $399. I think I'll just take my chances on fate. I just feel sorry for the folk who are conned and send the money...


  61 months ago
It can work if done by proper astrologers but not charlatans like this.


  61 months ago
Oh dear, one of the joys of spam! I don't believe in astrology myself though I often feel in the minority as so many people make so much money out of it! I'd have a hard job reading tea leaves too - I use tea bags!! :)

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