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  1 month ago

You ever had a sporty day ? :)

Tennis all day on TV that is , nout sporty in me, if there was a comp for ass sitting without moving I'd win the day , the most strenuous thing was turning from 1 to 2 to watch two games at once ...
.Wee Nadal and your man Nick Kyrgios, on wither side ,
he's the new one on the block that's brilliant but controversial, hates the Wimbledon clothes , eats in interviews , and has possible anger issues as the police had words with him over a ex reporting him back in the land of Oz , after watching him , I don't doubt it , Rafael win his game and him not well either + his father was giving him grief to , he still carried on and win the lovely wee soul , and the angry oz man win I won't watch him again not for me , will watch the final Sunday whoever it is !
As for this up:)
Well , I also watched clips of this on RTE a Irish TV channel a golf tournament set up to bring in charity money by anyone famous who like s to play and is good at , the like s of Tiger Woods played not sure who was in his team or care or McIlroy or Nesbitt no interest in them at all neither did the interviewers

the best team of course are these lads ....a threesome and a half Jamie Niall and Bill Murray , what a character he is, he lives in Ireland half the year , just the place for a man not half right in the head :) , but ever so funny, the rest of his life is doing American ads for big money I'm sure
I've a ad for you I spotted and Brucie you might like it :) thumbs up will do on it , it might break a smile for you squad :)
Minnie and Hawkmoor are the sports watching sorts here I know love Tennis etc Christine loves all sport I think , but would any of you do a daily marathon of any sports watching ? and if so what .?


  1 month ago
No I don’t watch a lot of sports Reply


  1 month ago
You should watch more cultured sport on TV Geri, try watching the test cricket. :-) xx Reply


  1 month ago
Like Helen, I'm one for Le Tour, mainly due to the scenery and crowds, and don't bother with other sports since Mercedes bought the F1 a few years ago. Reply


  1 month ago
id watch tdf all day if i had a tv but mum always has cricket or tennis on when i visit x Reply


  1 month ago
Give me a great British drama any day! Reply


  1 month ago
I've had many sporty days Geri , particularly with Jill and Carol ! :) Reply


  1 month ago
As a Test Series fan, I frequently watch cricket from c.10am (the pre-Match preamble) right thru till c.7pm (if play is extended, or highlights, postmortem, etc)... For five days at a time. ...
And still feel utterly bereaved at Day Five stumps :((((( and can't wait for the next one!
In football season, Friday night, Saturday dinnertime, Saturday 3pm-8pm, and Sunday afternoon-evenings, and often Monday evening too, are taken up exclusively by football. The only exception is if the late kickoff Saturday clashes with Opera on 3... unless it's City playing, then it's no contest, can't miss that.... Even more so, with the mouthwatering prospect of watching Haaland play upfront this coming season!!
Come Olympics time, I frequently watch hours and days on end of gymnastics, and I'm glued to most of the Winter Olympics, I really love the Figure Skating, and the cross country skiing/shooting events
However you couldn't pay me enough to watch even one single minute of Tennis, Golf, or any kind of American football/baseball, or Motorsports. Or swimming. Quite like the diving, esp the synchronised diving... Mesmeric to watch.
Can't get into hockey either, which is odd cos it was my best sport at school and I was in the First team every year... Go figure, eh. I also threw Discus in our athletic team and once won Bronze at a County championship! yet aren't very interested in track and field either.
Nor rugby. Sorry folks!


  1 month ago
I hate all sport. Reply


  1 month ago
JP Mc Manus owns horse bookies and I guess a golf course ....a Irish business man , but he does good for hospitals and cancer centres every year by getting these lads rounded up ! Reply


  1 month ago
I sometimes watch rugby/football with the sound turned off Geri. Simply to admire the well toned bodies, I could care less where the ball goes! Reply
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