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This could explain a lot , including why Rishi has his hands tied .
I couldn't begin to attempt a full explanation of all this in one topic , there are so many facets to it . Therefore , the choice is yours . If you watch the video , I'm sure you'll see why things are so problematic for everyone . If you don't watch it , that's not a problem to me .
What do you think of this folks ?


  1 month ago
Brexit was a total and absolute con and I remember the supporters of it on this very site screaming from the rooftops about how wonderful it was going to be for the UK. Said fans have been suspiciously quiet of late, I wonder why? Reply


  1 month ago
I think Brexit was a mistake (probably as big as it's possible for a nation to make short of needlessly going to war). But also that we will ultimately cope with the consequences. Because despite everything, Britain remains a major player. There will never be admission of error or misjudgement by Brexit supporters. We should not as expect this. The error is too huge. But I also think its a mistake to demonise the other side. (Not that you have, Steve.) We have to live with the consequences, and the perpetrators. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes Brexit the biggest con swindle of the 21st century. The biggest ‘winners’ of Brexit are the UK billionaires and tax avoiders, millions unpaid in taxes stashed away in tax havens, unfortunately they relied on the easily gullible and manipulated public to help them ‘win’. The good news now is that the tide is slowly turning as the more educated have slowly released how conned they were. The main thing now is to get this far right fascist self serving government out of power! This is what I believe to be the truth, after looking at both sides of the argument and doing a lot of research for the past 6 years!! The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. Just look at who is better off and who are worse off…. There you have the truth. Reply


  1 month ago
Since when did ANY politician ever tell the truth ? Reply


  1 month ago
I really don't think the government can tell anything but lies. They are driving the country into the ground. Reply


  1 month ago
Only time will tell,personally I thought it would take 5 years to show
any major gains and that was pre the disastrous Theresa May,Covid and now Ukraine.
The anti Brexit mandarins ignored the exit as Government policy is not their policy so the major ministries of state are not always pushing through the changes that are required to make a success following our glorious escape.
By ensuring that some 70% of their staff are WFH they hope to further inhibit any meaningful progress and are hoping for another referendum,bit like the lady in Scotland,who cares about democratic elections or referenda.


  1 month ago
i dont trust anything in what he says Reply


  1 month ago
This "government" are simply a regime that are fully prepared to lie on a daily basis and as a consequence have led the country into a cul-de-sac of economic despair , helped by a sizeable proportion of the electorate that are fully prepared to keep their hands over their ears and promote the myth that "all politicians are the same " as an excuse for their continued support. Reply


  1 month ago
Brexit - the gift that keeps on giving… Reply


  1 month ago
theres not a problem to me, its all drivvel hun, mans high and mighty opinions dont bother me one jot Reply

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