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  1 month ago


Facials make you feel good about yourself. They claim to rejuvenate your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells and deep clean pores. Improve the texture and appearance of your skin, moisturize your complexion and tighten your pores thus making skin appear firm, bright and young.

Our face is exposed to the outer world experiencing sunlight, UV rays, pollution, microorganism dust, dirt, etc. all the time.
Regular exposure to sunlight and pollutants cause your skin to lose texture and sheen.
To keep your skin at its’ healthiest, you should take facial periodically.

In general, the skin care routine is the most essential factor for obtaining a fresh and healthy looking skin.

Your skin gets easily affected by a wide range of problems by following the modern lifestyle. Therefore you have to hire the reputed professional from a beauty salon or in a spa for getting a facial treatment.
You have to make a visit to the beauty salon for once in a month or every 6 months to maintain your appearance and good look.

The term facial is considered as the multipurpose and multi-step skin treatment engaged with cleansing, steam, a face massage, facemasks, exfoliation and a wide range of lotions and creams.

Facials are the most requested treatment in spas and beauty salons. I use facial mask often and I love it on my skin, of course washing face daily throughout the day is key. If skin is dry moisturise it often.

Do you go to beauty salons and get facials?


  1 month ago
I don't go to the beauty salon to get them, prefer to enjoy a pamper at home and it's always lovely. Reply


  1 month ago
I don't usually go to salons for facials but I was given a gift certificate for Christmas which does not expire so I have been waiting for the covid situation to calm down as I was a bit wary but it doesn't seem to be calming down so not sure whether to risk it or not. The salon owner fully understands luckily. Reply


  1 month ago
I never had one. Reply


  1 month ago
I have had one. Reply


  1 month ago
No Reply

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