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  1 month ago

Interesting news University of Tasmania have changed the way that people can be accepted to go to university?

Today the University of Tasmania has announced changes to the way that people can apply and get into University, to me this is a great idea, and may also keep year 12 students much healthier, as they are not put under the pressure that they normally would when they have to when doing their year 12 exams. its now not about your TCE scores.

The University of Tasmania had also said that by doing the changes, it may also encourage students that have a disability to also apply.

This context is from the Premier of Tasmania Jeremey Rockliff
2 July 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Premier

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Education, Children and Youth,
Program provides alternate entry process into UTAS
The Tasmanian Government is committed to securing the future of all Tasmanians and an important part of that is improving the learning outcomes of students, as well as supporting their health and wellbeing.

Today, we were delighted to attend the 2022 School Leaver Expo at UTAS Inveresk Campus Library and launch this year’s School Recommendation Program.

The Program has been developed in collaboration with all education sectors to provide an alternate entry process into the University of Tasmania, with Year 12 students able to apply for courses now to reduce the stress and pressure for them and their families, whose lives and learning have been disrupted by COVID-19.

Applications are open in two rounds. The first round is from June 30 to August 1 and the second round is from September 2 to October 7.

Students who apply in the first round will notified of offers in August and those who apply in the second round will be notified of offers in November, removing some of the pressure on students during their final months of Year 12.

The criteria for the program includes factors such as students’ Year 11 results, an assessment of their capabilities and the perspective of those who have taught them. This process acknowledges it is teachers who know their students best and can assess their readiness for university.

Minister Jaensch said students have faced many challenges over the past two years, with the shift to learning at home, and then returning to the classroom, so it was important to recognise these challenges.

“I encourage all year 12 students considering university study to apply through this program and I thank the University and all of our schools and teachers for supporting this wonderful initiative,” Minister Jaensch said.

I think that this is a great concept, and it should be permanent, as not all students are as great with examinations, as much as they are practical, and or the field of study that they want to study.

I had once nearly gone to University, as a mature aged student, I had got accepted but I had also got accepted to study a Certificate 4 in youth Work, and a Diploma in Youth Work, I chose the Diploma in Youth Work, as it would of meant that it would of taken 2 years of a 3 year degree at University, which would of also mean that I would of only had to pay open year of hechs and not 3. The cert 3 and degree both at RMITT and the dip and the other drgree at the university of Victoria. Unfortunately I could not complete my first year as I got sick and had to take time off, but restarted the diploma in Youth Work in Sydney, but the second year I have changed over to the Diploma in Welfare, which I was told by my teachers was a great idea as I would specialize in more than just one.


  1 month ago
Yet another one of your very informative Posts of great interest to many people on the seeking knowledge trail, thanks jays. Reply


  1 month ago
This sounds like a great idea and so does your study program, all the best of success with that J. Reply


  1 month ago
I have done a few short courses with UTAS [online courses] and they have been great assessors of work done by students in my opinion. As you say jay, anything that can help students get their degrees and diplomas would be worth trying. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, very interested. Reply


  1 month ago
Good one. Reply


  1 month ago
yes, that's good. Reply


  1 month ago
A very interesting read, hopefully things will continue to happen throughout life, creating more pathways and opportunities to help support people during their study and work placements. Reply

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