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  1 month ago

Chinese geese

Last year some selfish person dumped 5 Chinese geese onto the local lagoon on the caravan park. Their wings had been clipped so they couldn't fly but local people were feeding them.
They were extremely noisy.
One disappeared. Then one became quite territorial and used to try to go for the ankles. Another one went missing in April, but we think it had chicks on a nest, as it came back after 6 weeks, but with no youngsters ..(I have a feeling they were killed so there wouldn't be more) as in the summer months a" floating bouncy castle" thing is put into the lagoon and people pay to jump on and off it. The geese were going to be in danger. I knew they had been kicked in the head and the RSPCA weren't wanting to do anything.
Today, a small local rescue came and took them to re-home.
There have been 2 more white ducks (running ducks I think they are called) but they aren't near the floating bouncy thing, so should be safe.
I have emailed the RSPCA to say they have been taken by a small rescue and it's a shame they couldn't have done the same with them being abused.
I'm glad they are off there, poor things.


  1 month ago
How can people be so cruel. I hope they get bad Karma. Glad to hear they have been rescued.


  1 month ago


  1 month ago
I’m glad they are safe.


  1 month ago
RSPCA are as much use as peep toed wellies ! Absolutely USELESS !


  1 month ago
The small rescue centres are fantastic aren't they jacqs? They're the ones i like to support. No high flying CEO's on six figure salaries just good hard working animals lovers! Glad they've been given a better home.


  1 month ago
The RSPCA are (in my view) the scum of the earth as far as charities are concerned. I recall once having an injured goose (a greylag, so nothing exciting) and when I rang up they told me to take it to the vet. This would have involved me walking for several miles carrying an angry goose, so not really very practical...
I rang back and said I had found an injured swan, and they said they would come out, which they did in about half an hour. The guy immediately said "that's a goose" to which I replied "really, I don't know the difference", but because by that time there were loads of people about he had no choice but to take it away. I'm pretty sure it went straight into his freezer, but that was better than leaving it where it was... the RSPCA only care about animals if there is good publicity involved.


  1 month ago
Pleased to hear they have been re - homed safely.

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