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  1 month ago


We moved from a much lesser known village in the remote Cambridgeshire fens with sparse housing and a handful of small businesses - a OneStop, a pub and a chemist. This is five hours journey from here and we were so surprised to find that the next door neighbour here in East Devon has a daughter living in that same Cambs village!!! Not only that my son in Essex recently acquainted with a new work colleague who says his family used to live in the same house next door! Such amazing coincidences eh?
also a man who maintains the nearby rec cutting grass etc is the image of my brother who died who did the very same job and they are both subscribed Arsenal supporters who acquired a memorial in the football ground. Weird and lovely too as he is a really warm and cheerful man just like my brother and he waves to me every morning from his grass cutter.
What coincidences stand out in your life so far?


  1 month ago
When I was in high school in Florida I had a friend whose parents divorced and she'd spend the summers with her father. I went on a student tour when I was 16 and I was in Cologne, Germany, and having a walk and guess who was selling ice cream from a small van? I hadn't seen her for a few weeks, but her dad's job was in Germany and she was having a great time. Good ice cream, too. Reply


  1 month ago
Before I married my wife she was shopping with her mother one evening and they watched me shopping at the same store, getting into my car and driving off when I should have (and actually was) 6 miles away doing a late shift at work. A few months later we had our honeymoon 360 miles away in Dunoon, Scotland and went for a trip to Inveraray where we were greeted with welcome trays as we entered shops until we left after almost being refused in 2 shops as I'd apparently already had something from the tray. We stopped at a craft centre on the way back to out holiday lodge where the owner asked if I'd changed my mind and come back to buy a product after all (I'd apparently left a few minutes earlier). Did my double from home go to the same holiday area at the same time as me? SPOOKY !! Reply


  1 month ago
a few years ago ,we were sat in our local pub talking to an aquaintance that had brought a friend with him ,as the night went on this gentleman asked where in scotland i came from ,i explained it was a small village and he would probably never of heard of it ,when i told him the name of the village he started laughing and told me that was where his daughter now lived ,but not only that she lived in the house i was born in ,really strange feeling ,but we became good friends untill he died 5 years ago Reply


  1 month ago
That is a few coincidences . I can’t think of any that stand out in my life Reply


  1 month ago
My parents went on holiday to Mexico once and got chatting to a couple who lived on the street behind them at home! Reply


  1 month ago
It's a small world, Yvonne! :) Reply


  1 month ago
I can't really say that I have had any "stand out" coincidences... I never speak to anybody so wouldn't know where they lived, and every time I have moved I have never seen any of the people from the old place again. Reply

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