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  5 months ago

Not Qualified

Demographics, age, gender, etc, etc have a lot to do with whether or not you qualify for a survey. Is it just me or does anyone else find that most times you don't qualify for a survey?

Taking a look at my points board and counting the number of surveys - 16 in total that I have "tried" to take - but all were all a bust. Nothing.

This can be time consuming and frustrating especially when no consideration is given for the time spent trying. A few points thrown my way for my time or at least screen me out before I answer a dozen or so questions first.

Anyone else feel my pain?


  5 months ago
I do feel your pain, it is happening to me also.


  5 months ago
Yes, just not fair.


  5 months ago
Yes, can spent 10 or more minutes and then you get nothing.


  5 months ago
Totally, especially being rerouted numerous times and answering same so called qualifying questions and them getting rejected


  5 months ago
...So and me, how You see,- I am barely hanging and praying to God to do help Us - the Toluna Influencers dearly, so none of the small, handful Toluna Friends do not need to go and split from each others, so let stay together and to be positive - how long We would be able to take it.
For now,- lets enjoy the coming Spring.
I got not all, but most of my Garden green already,- with the Spring bulbs and flowers already sprint-up from the soil,- with the better weather and changing season, - straight to the warm Sun.
My Crocuses are in full bloom and buds on the trees are so full and puffy, ready to open very soon.
I miss that wonderful view for so long from last year. Gardening is my passion. I guess this is coming in the gens from the ancestors, so I am proud to have it and I enjoy it to the full.
AND AUTUMN this Year - ENJOY IT that with me. !!!


  5 months ago
Yes it's very frustrating, also they should know if we attempted that survey with children and stop asking us.


  5 months ago
That are deep pain in a neck. I experience the same. Some a super long surveys are 100 pages long - moving very slow, 1 point on the scale after each page and each contained many questions to answer,- takes mostly over hour, or even lot longer to got thru all off it
and just when You happy, because You has been asked finally by the survey to press the Submit link ... and You received page telling You, that You're "not qualify", or that "the number of required surveys has been received", or that they are "looking for different person", or "different profile".
It is blood boiling process.
I am asking myself if this all stress and loosed time was worth it anything to be involved and waiting for so long for changes to come (???).
I will give it a one more month,- to see all that promised changes by Toluna and I think after month I could make an decision if stay, or I reach the time for me to go.
I will post my decision in the end of the April.
I feel pushed way far to the edge,- of my patience and when I start become stressful while I struggle to stay in Toluna - I see the time
for changes for myself ... and that this Spring time would be the best time to go.
I do not need to wasted my life on a waiting game - that was not awarded and not awarded enough to be valuable.
Was very nice to start knowing all of You guys - very close with time and knows Your opinions of life, Your lifestyle, some of You were talk about Family, etc.
Feels like home with You all and feel like with close Friends,- will be painful to live all behind.
We see. I still got some hope left in the bottom of this glass,
so bottoms-up and let see what We will find there.


  5 months ago
I think a lot of us here have the same concerns. Points are not awarded after you spend upwards of 30 minutes on a survey to be advised they were looking for something different. Use the first few questions to qualify people, especially if you aren't offering any points for attempting the surveys. And the constant emails about taking the 20,000 and 18,000 points surveys that require that you have a child are frustrating. If you don't qualify, you shouldn't keep receiving emails to take the survey. The past 6 months I have only qualified for less than 10% of the surveys offered and I get to the point that I don't really care to complete them. Should be interesting to see what the new and improved Toluna looks like......

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