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  5 months ago

What Are Your Thoughts About Toluna?

It's now almost 2.5 months into the New Year and absolutely nothing has been said about the promised new initiatives. Fewer and fewer people are posting, there is no direction from Toluna, qualifying for surveys has been increasingly difficult and the only "contest" was based on completing at least 10 surveys in a month. Most of us are barely able to qualify for 3-4 surveys a month. The site was down for almost an entire weekend which didn't allow us to attempt any surveys and it appears that the site was being "updated" but we weren't advised that there would probably be issues logging on.

Many of us have been long term members and have contributed regularly, supported other members and offered hints to benefit other members. With the lack of anything being offered to us, it's hard to continue contributing.

What are your thoughts about the Toluna site in 2022?


  5 months ago
Maybe something coming ?? I received an email today with a code to enter on the new game. Something about not qualifying for surveys but being rewarded ?? So I entered the code on the game page and lo and behold .. I got 500 pts. There may be a catch tho. I have checked a couple of times today and the points were not added to my points page yet. Hopefully I don't have to fight for them. I deleted the email so I don't even have the code anymore to argue my case if need be.


  5 months ago
I am a really long term member . For now I have given up with posting . There is no captain telling us a thing. My time is valuable and I do not feel valued. They would be giving us updates if they did. There is no incentive to stay.


  5 months ago
Lot’s of glitches today, also don’t know if I will get points for a survey I completed as it was the “it’s us not you”page


  5 months ago
I agree, I noticed the logo change on some surveys and they gave me points for Valentines day!


  5 months ago
You know I'm with you 100%. Oddly, they respond rapidly when I report a spam post!

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