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  5 months ago

Junk food and fast food: Reasons we keep going back for more

The main difference between junk food and fast food is that junk food refers to food with extremely low nutritional value, while fast food refers to easily accessible food that can be bought quickly from restaurants or cafes. Both junk food and fast food are two types of food we buy from these places instead of eating home-cooked healthy diets.

Excessive intake of fast food and junk food can increase the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, cancers, and heart disease. By the way, not all fast foods are junk foods, but a great number of them are.

Reasons we keep going back to junk & fast food:

1. Stress

One of the factors that make us crave junk food is stress. That is why there are such things called comfort foods – foods that offer comfort and calm, like chocolates, pizza, ice cream, etc. Once the cravings for this kind of food are satisfied, our level of anxiety decreases to its normal level.

2. Availability

Fast food items are generally easy to find and take with you.

3. Fast food fuels our memory

Do you know how you like to watch the same movie or your favourite television show over and over again? Well, the same rule applies to fast food. Neuroscience studies have shown that much of the pleasure induced by eating food is tied to memory.

4. Attractive

The popularity of junk food can also be attributed to its visual appeal. Manufacturers put colour additives to make junk food look more attractive to consumers, especially young children. We tend to associate the colour of stuff with its health level.

5. Great when you are running late

If you are already rushing to get to work or school, food is probably the last thing on your mind. You are undoubtedly panicked and worried about whether or not you will make it there on time at this point. But that is what makes fast food so awesome: it saves the day when everything else fails.

6. Junk food tastes great

Deep-fried foods taste better than bland foods, and as we grow up, we tend to get “hooked“ on these foods.

Source: IOL

What’s your favourite junk food or fast food? I love Chicken Licken hot wings.


  4 months ago


  4 months ago


  5 months ago
Spurs Ribs and Burger


  5 months ago
Cheese Burger


  5 months ago
Nandos, I love everything from their chicken,potato wedges etc


  5 months ago
KFC, their zinger wings perfect but they should change their potato gravy recipe.. it's blend.


  5 months ago
KFC. I love Steers burgers but too expensive.

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