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  5 months ago

How The Chocolate Chip Cookie Was Accidentally Invented

An Inn Owner’s Famous Mistake
The recipe was created by Ruth Wakefield while she baked cookies for her and her husband’s business, the Toll House Inn (sound familiar?). One day, probably in 1938, while making a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, Wakefield added some chopped up pieces from a Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bar.

She thought that the chocolate would melt and disperse throughout the cookies, making them completely chocolate. However, she got a sweet surprise when she took them out of the oven and chocolate chip cookies were born.

The recipe, originally called the “Toll House Crunch Cookie,” was published in a Boston newspaper and quickly became a national sensation. The recipe was also published in Wakefield’s Tried And True cookbook. Wakefield soon sold the rights — and the Toll House name — to Nestle.

During WWII, soldiers received care packages from their families, and the ones from Massachusetts got chocolate chip cookies. After sharing the treats with their fellow soldiers, men started writing to their families, asking if they could send them the new chocolate chip cookies. Wakefield received letters from around the world, asking her to share her recipe.

In addition to creating chocolate chip cookies, Wakefield is also responsible for the way chocolate bars look today. After the recipe got popular, Nestle started producing chocolate bars that could be broken into smaller pieces — the Nestle “morsels.”

Chocolate chip cookies have been made all over the world, with many variations on the original recipe, from adding nuts to using gluten-free ingredients. However, no matter how you make your chocolate chip cookies, you have Wakefield’s happy accident to thank for your treat.

Thank you Ruth Wakefield. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite biscuits. Have you ever created a recipe just by throwing ingredients together to see how it tastes and it has been so good that it has become a regular recipe.


  5 months ago
Best cookie ever!


  5 months ago
Chocolate chip cookies always a winner, delicious accident.
I always enhance the flavour with spices,stocks and creams when I'm cooking but when I'm baking I don't take many chances.


  5 months ago
Thanks to Ruth for her tasty accident, I love chocolate chip cookies. I like to come up with a twist when I'm making desserts...Some taste devine, some not so much.


  5 months ago
Yummy! I love choc chip biscuits


  5 months ago

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