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  4 months ago

What to do if your car gets stolen?

Returning to an empty parking space where your car was before will inspire a mixture of anger, panic and helplessness in anyone. Car theft is a risk that every car owner faces, with around 128 cars and motorcycles stolen in South Africa each day, according to SAPS annual crime stats for 2019/2020.

Activate your tracking device if you have one

Alerting your vehicle tracking company as soon as you become aware that your car was stolen vastly increases the chances that your vehicle will be recovered. You may be able to activate the tracking device yourself, or you might need to phone the tracking company. Most of the cars Naked insures don't require trackers to be installed, but they can help reduce your risks for some models.

2. Get to the police station ASAP

You'll need to open a case at your nearest police station to have your car flagged on their stolen vehicle database; you'll also need the case number for insurance. Make sure you have your car's details with you when you go, including the licence plate number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model and colour. You'll find most of the info on your vehicle registration documents. Remember to take a photo of the police report. . Report your car stolen to your insurance company

The sooner you tell your insurance company about the theft of your vehicle, the sooner it will start processing your claim, and the sooner you'll be able to get a new set of wheels.

You'll need to submit a few documents during the claims process, including a picture of the police report, the case number, a copy of the vehicle registration, a certified copy of your ID, and a form that gives the insurance provider consent to access the police records and border movements for your car.

You might also be asked for the mileage, your tracking device details, photos of the complete set of keys, and a description of any marks, dents or scratches.

You will want to sort out any money outstanding on your car loan. This involves getting a settlement letter from your bank and forwarding it to your insurer.

The insurance provider will prepare an agreement of loss document detailing how much money is due to you and how much to the bank. Once you have signed off on this document, you will give it to the insurance company along with your car keys and the original registration documents. From there, the insurer will pay off what's left of your car loan and pay the remainder over to you

I was planning to visit my sister 6h30 am today but when I reach the parking lot my car was gone, I panicked because there's no force entry. The complex is secured which means the criminals are within our residence...I'm still in shock.

No where's safe!
I opened the case near by SAPS.

Did something like this ever happened to you?


  4 months ago
Some body take his car


  4 months ago
No but I'm glad you are physically fine. It's good you weren't in the car, Some of these incidents end up in tragedy, Be strong jarr


  4 months ago
A friend look for her car inside her drawers at work after finding out that is stolen.


  4 months ago
Another incident not vehicle related I am also in a complex with security and one evening I had a knock on the door and three gentleman one with a gun tried to force their way in. Luckily I was quick enough to slam the door closed before they could get in. These people would also have been from inside the complex .As you say you are not safe anywhere.


  4 months ago
So sorry to hear of this. I have had a car stolen from outside my property. By a miracle the police did catch the thieves but the car was in such a state I sold it shortly after. Frustratingly I had to go to a.court case but the police did not bother to show up so the case was dismissed.

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