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  4 months ago

A bridge too far?

Another tooth pulled yesterday and i possibly need a bridge? I've never even seen a dental bridge but i do remember dentures in a glass at my grandparents' home.
I have a very sensitive and reactive throat and mouth and am wondering if a bridge would be going too far for me? This extraction yesterday was done emergency at NHS and i woke up in night after anesthetic wore off and thought i had broken my neck..been feeling so awful this time and it never was more than discomfort last time - this time post op has been worse than the toothache before the extraction! I put this down partly to the nurse not holding my head still and the yanking and pulling on the broken tooth putting a strain on my neck discs. I suspect the no holding/contact thing is a covid directive?
At present the prospect of any more dental probing isnt appealing but with no teeth to grind on right it is putting a lot of strain on my left jaw which keeps locking.
Has anyone got a bridge and what is your opinion of the process, the comfort and the cost? What are the pros and cons please?


  3 months ago
I don't but I have been told the importance of them when my mom got one. They are a few visits to the dentist for sure but I am curious as to why you are in so much agony after a tooth being pulled? Sounds like you were man handled!


  3 months ago
I am like you I have never ever seen one.


  3 months ago
Sorry Yvonne i can't really help there but i hope you get it sorted ok. I don't think it's a big deal & before you know it you probably won't even notice it.


  3 months ago
I'd talk to your dentist, unless after this experience you no longer trust them lol!
I'd also look on YouTube. People are keen to share all their medical experiences these days - with graphic honesty. I often go to YT re my spine disease. Get lots of good advice from doctors/experts, explanatory videos, diagrams, etc.


  4 months ago
I had one for many year its just like your own teeth hun they are really good


  4 months ago
I’ve not got one!


  4 months ago
My thoughts are that if ceramic then mechanically the thing in the middle is going to be primarily an ornament rather than capable of taking much chewing pressure, and still the supporting teeth have to be made conical, i.e. damaged, to attach the contraption - all at some fantastic cost in £'s.
A metal ( gold ) bridge would be stronger so couldn't ever break, but also look less aesthetic, although in eastern Europe at least it 'd give you higher social status :)). That'd be the one to go for if you must but you'd probably need to take out a mortgage to pay for it !
It's not as if you're a horse being auctioned at a New Forest gypsy fair :), I mean, who's to see a gap or two elseways and can / do you eat things that have already been somewhat chopped about instead of big hard chunks of tough old cow or under-cooked rice or under-steamed veg even ?


  4 months ago
How awful Yvonne. I've had a bridge x2, but unlike your pic I had the false tooth attached to 1 other tooth, so 2 in total. The tooth not going into the gap is secured on one of your teeth. After an extraction your teeth have to be left to settle down. They then take an impression around the area in question to make your bridge. To attach the bridge to your tooth they have to file down your tooth. I have a couple of bridges and one of them is 15-20 years old and I get no bother. Not sure on cost but I expect on the NHS it will be in band 3.


  4 months ago
I'm still waiting for my bridge I couldn't get on with the first one he gave it was making me feel sick so no appointment till February


  4 months ago
Our little Gemma has been to the Vets today and had them ALL OUT (all 6 remaining teeth) ~ so we shall have to rename her Gummy !
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