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  6 months ago

Restaurants Gyms are open to 50 percent Feb 1st

If you wish to eat indoors right now it is simple get the jab . If not continue to take a risk of getting extremely ill and the ability to dine in . It is your choice if you choose not to comply with the Heath regulations.
However, my point is - This convoy is now bringing in American truckers who in order to cross are VACCINATED So how does their involvement make sense. If our Prime Minister were to lift the mandates .How are our Canadian Truckers crossing over? HELLO the USA has the same mandate.
These truckers are hurting you not helping you . The economy will suffer if it continues, with food shortages from not enough truckers working . Tik Tok is saturated with all this rhetoric on Freedom and flag waving in support. It's been tough - it has been a horrible pandemic, been awful with those struggling with mental illness Its been tough on kids missing birthday parties. All that said I want freedom in the sense of democracy. This convoy risks democracy. Don't like something rise up the next convoy . Put the PM out ect... People need to think this through .Tik tok I heard a truckers say ram the trucks into the parliament building. They claim it is peaceful. Saturday may be just like what happen in the American insurrection. I am tired of masks and lockdowns too I've done my part as required in hopes thus nightmare is soon over . I have a friend 50 years old Sept . He spent his birthday in the hospital with covid on a ventilator . Sunce then he has lost all fingers then all both legs from the knee down. They suspect brain damage . He is still in the hospital . I have 2 friends just before Chrustnas with Covid both could not breath and needed hospitalization. Lucky just oxygen but they were really sick.
My daughter and neice are both in Hesthcare and will be lucky if they don't end up with life long
Trauma from what they have seen. This convoy this weekend takes the cake . What about the poor people who live in Ottawa with the truckers non stop blowing horns . I have a friend who works as an IT on the hill and is scared for what is going to happen .. Right now I am worried more about this so called protest and what I am hearing.


  6 months ago
We all need to stay safe


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
im sorry to hear about your friend...I've had many who've experienced some horrors from this as well...or worse, it's so awful when it's unneccessary.


  6 months ago
I think they need someone at the border for the truckers "vaccinated? No? Okay, FIRED. Next?" There are lots of people looking for work, this is an emergency* health situation and is for everyone's safety and protection and it is NOW part of your job, don't want to do it? Fine. BYE. You know the Canadians who are getting vaccinated and boosted and wearing masks and not screaming at people about their "rights" don't just love doing those things...we do it because we want this to END. So it's really frustrating when people like these truckers, who have decided they care about bodily autonomy NOW (I'm sure we'll see them at all the pro-choice rallies now, right?!) and want to die on some stupid political hill are the ones who cause havoc, create delay, raise prices and make things overall less safe for the rest of us. So sorry we've been trying to save your life for months / years now.... I'm so sick of this BS from old, white, wealthy people who have never experienced the loss of privilage before.


  6 months ago
I've decided not to comment on this subject here, it's too volatile.

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