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  4 months ago

How to Remove Urine Stains From a Mattress

How to Remove Old Urine Stains from Mattress is a common question for mums with small children, or big children, and even with pets. When pee has dried, it sets into the veins of our mattress, dropping behind a shabby yellow color. This urine stain destroys the natural beauty of your mattress which makes it look a lot worse.

The problem arises when you do not clean the urine immediately, you only clean the sheets on the bed at the time. (Don’t feel guilty, the majority of us do this). So if you want to give your mattresses a good clean, especially the ones with old urine stains on them, then here are the best tips and tricks to get your mattress fresh again.

Here are the ingredients and a step-by-step process to remove old urine stains from a mattress.

What ingredients should be used to clean old urine stains from a mattress:

Baking Soda
Hydrogen Peroxide
Dish Soap
Empty Spray Bottle
Your chosen required oil
Paper Towels
Vacuum cleaner
Step 1. Use vinegar
You may be thinking about how the old urine stains can be removed from your mattress at all or if your mattress will look as beautiful as the new one again. In this case, vinegar can be your best friend.

Using white vinegar to remove urine stains, its acidic ingredients are very effective in removing old urine stains. Firstly, Soak the affected areas with vinegar.

Now if it gets too wet, wipe with paper towels. Dry the excess liquid by pressing it with paper towels without rubbing too much, otherwise, the liquid may spread.

Step 2. Baking Soda
At first, take baking soda in a strainer and spatter it equally over the entire mattress. You have to assure that it is evenly covered everywhere in the Mattress. Secondly, brush the baking soda into your mattress suitably.

Now after brushing the entire mattress suitably, wait 20 minutes, and then use the vacuum cleaner on the entire mattress over.

Finally, keep in mind that baking soda plays a very powerful role in moisturizing the mattress and removing diverse old pee stains.

Step 3. Hydrogen Peroxide
Ok, It is guaranteed that hydrogen peroxide will be effective if you want to remove old urine stains. Many parents have verified that hydrogen peroxide can help clean their mattress, If you want to remove bloodstain, cat urine, or urine smell, then hydrogen peroxide can be your best friend.

Firstly, pour some amount of hydrogen peroxide into the spray bottle and spray it all over the mattress.

Secondly, take a drop of liquid dish soap, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and some hydrogen peroxide. Now take all the ingredients into a spray bottle and spray all over in the mattress. Now shake the spray bottle well to mix all the ingredients with baking soda.

Spray the mixture well on your mattress where there are old urine stains and wait 5 to 10 minutes. You may need to repeat this process several times depending on how many and how old the urine stains are. Now, wait for about 30minutes.

Step 4. Vacuum Cleaner
At first, vacuum the whole mattress and finally wash the mattress well with light pressure with a paper towel after that wipe it with a little perfume oil.

Your work will be completed after making sure that the mattress is well dried.

Do you have mattresses with old stains that you will be trying this process on?


  3 months ago
I would like to taste this ingredient 1 day


  4 months ago
no i dont currently, but if i had i would use vinegar and baking soda and then vanilla essence


  4 months ago
Vinegar and baking powder always does wonders on cleaning


  4 months ago


  4 months ago
Thank you for sharing girl home remedies didn’t remove urine stains but it got rid of the smell especially with Apple cider vinegar, I ended up getting cleaners to clean my mattress plus my sofa

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