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  5 months ago

school refusal - an unfortunate effect of COVID?

Today we were speaking with a friend whose 14 year old grandson has become a school refuser. He never really liked school. Then Lockdown happened and home schooling was a reality. His mother is a teacher and his grandmother a retired headteacher, so with home schooling he flourished.

He had returned to school but with the stop-start nature, the ever changing rules, the frequent disruptions and the close contact isolations he has had enough. He is now refusing to go back to school. Of course his mother cannot home school now that she has to work and grandmother is totally out of her depth with his syllabus. Supporting home schooling when someone else sets the work is totally different to actually teaching.

I suspect they are not alone. How do you explain to children that it is Ok to be home schooled at one time but going into school is compulsory the next? To them it must all seem at the whims of government decisions of the day. Two years of disruption is a large percentage of your life at that age.


  5 months ago
No school children here hun . My daughters two boys both hated school and both left with qualications, they went to college and flourished both have great jobs now the youngest Joe is a plumber and is just about to do gas safetey exams to be able to repair boilers he's earning a great wage. The older one is a BT engineer. Who needs shool , I also hated it yet I had my own business for years and did well. I'm sure this lad will be the same


  5 months ago
I think I would try and get to the root of the reasons he disliked it before covid, because just fixing the issues caused since covid wont be enough to solve what is going on with him long term.Would he benefit from in school support, a different set of classes, or even a different school altogether? Has the school failed him in some way, not picked up on an issue that he may have been struggling with etc... There's bound to be high levels of anxiety and uncertainty for kids since the pandemic, it must be very hard for him on top of being unhappy there already.


  5 months ago
A difficult "side-effect" of all this pandemic, I hope they can sort things


  5 months ago
I’m sure he is not alone!


  5 months ago
Covid has had the most awful effect on young people and I suspect the after effects are going to be lingering. Kids freezing in schools with the windows open and social paranoia. Conflicting information is a source of anxiety too. I think this young man should be encouraged go to school with loads of reassurance. If his classmates go it might become easier for him and I do hope so.


  5 months ago
I think at 14 he needs to understand he has to go to school or his mother needs to home school him - one or the other


  5 months ago
It must be difficult for him & i do sympathise. I hated school even though it was a decent one & i wasn't ever bullied! I just loved being at home rather than in school. I wasn't allowed to play truant so had to go. After a few days he should adjust hopefully. Learning to integrate & socialise is all part of the learning process as i later discovered!


  5 months ago
Unless something else is in place he needs to go to school, his parents need to take charge


  5 months ago
I sympathise, our son also did well at home, and didn't want to go back either, unfortunately they have to understand it's the law and the parents can be fined if the child won't go to school.


  5 months ago
Best of luck with that issue ~ I ended up being sent to a Boarding School (age 10) which eventually made something of me ~ however, 2 years disruption is a long time in anybodies life !

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