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  4 months ago

bad night

I had a bad night last night ,not because of being ill or hubby being ill ,but blue flashing police lights .What a night ,9pm last night i noticed the blue flashing lights outside ,being nosey ,i looked out of my bedroom window to see a line of traffic outside my house (my house is a main bus route) looking to my left i could see a 4x4 police car across the road stopping all access to the rest of the main road ,hubby decided to go to the front gate and reported back that there were two police cars ,and a burnt out car on the grass verge next to the bus stop ,the street was given only access to my house from one end ,and the other end was access to the shop .ok i understood an accident and expected things to be cleared as soon as they could only it did not happen like that ,when we went to bed at midnight ,they were still there ,i could not sleep because of the blue flashing lights ,i eventually dropped of only to wake again at 3 am ,blue lights still flashing ,dropped off again ,woke again at 5am blue lights still flashing ,and at 7am i gave up and got up ,they did not move till 4pm ,road is now open .and i still dont know what has happened ,its obviouse it is something serious ,as having the road closed all night and most of the day ,and CSI all over the area ,but no one seems to know what has happened .I am just looking forward to a good nights sleep without the disco lights


  4 months ago
You poor thing that sounds like a terrible night. It's quite distressing having blue lights flashing outside as it's usually police fire or ambulance. One of our neighbours was taken ill a few weeks ago & we had the blue light going. It's very bright at that time of night too! I found a couple of eye masks i'd bought & never used so we both nodded off wearing them lol! (new i'd find a use for them!)


  4 months ago
Hope you get a good kip the night Rose ..! .a bad accident I'm sure or drink driving so takes longer for evidence maybe !


  4 months ago
I am sure the news will soon spread, especially if it is bad.


  4 months ago
How strange and annoying Rose .


  4 months ago
I guess it will be on the news eventually!

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