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  5 months ago

Taking the money and run

My friend of 20 odd year passed away just over a week ago. I phoned my pastor last night to find out about the funeral , I know she wanted a Christian funeral .
It seems her family could care less apparently they have told the funeral directors to cremate her and do what they will with her ashes. I know she left at least £5000. To cover the cost. It seems this family who didn't really bother much with her when she was here have taken her money for themselves. My pastor is very upset and so am I I know she loved flowers I used to buy her them often (I'm so glad I did that) she was the kindest most honest person I have had the pleasure of knowing.
How can people be so calous and uncaring. I'm really shocked about the whole thing.
It has made me think about my own impending demise, I'm going to write down what I want for that, I'm going to make a short video too, I do trust my family mind you, I'm close to my kids, but my instructions will be left with my pastor.
Have you made your will and left instructions.


  5 months ago
Yes got a will and Adrian have


  5 months ago
yes i am giving my body to medical research i have all the papers and my family know about it and all hubby and my money is going to cancer research all sorted we have no kids couldnt have any so all sorted


  5 months ago
People's true nature comes out when a member of their family dies. I've heard some horrific tales. Don't know how some people can be so callous but it seems to happen quite often. We did make wills then got married later & that apparently invallidated them! Must get cracking on setting up new ones because it niggles away at me every now and then & it does make you feel more secure. Sorry for your loss Rose.


  5 months ago
I have a funeral plan taken out many years ago,no wishes,just cremation and family only if they wish and I did this to save any hassle over cost,no service,no wake.


  5 months ago
i have not but my father did, he had some discussions with our vicar about what he wanted and i remember the day was an amazing celebration of his life, i hope my mother has stated what she would prefer as i find it depressing to broach the subject with her rose

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