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  4 months ago

9.3% ? Batten down the hatches everyone !

B.T. has announced that broadband and phone bills will jump by 9.3% following a "dramatic increase" in data usage over the last few years.
I'm sure the rest will follow . The method of calculation is interesting -
They add 3.9% to the inflation rate , which is currently 5.4% , Nice !
Now , I have absolutely no proof for my next question , but think of it -
Do you find it a little questionable that things like future pension rises are calculated much earlier in the year ( 3.1% without the triple lock ) ,
followed by larger price rises ? ( Inflation is tipped to be 2.3% by the end of the year , but these prices will remain ) I'll bet workers wish they could have the same deal on their annual remuneration !
What do you think folks ?


  4 months ago
When you left BT, where did you go?


  4 months ago
I've never liked BT because they've always appeared greedy. I'm sure others with undercut them so we all need to keep a look out. As for the other %'s i'll have to get my calculator our because you've exceeded my total number of brain cells!


  4 months ago
It is just like everything else just now the prices are rising.


  4 months ago
I'm with BT and disgusted as its went up twice already last year :(
..though i still wouldn't change with them as its great broadband and customer service
i was speaking to the customer service for ways to get my bill down as been with them years recently ,
the young fella said after your next bill at the end of the month , we will refer you to home essentials a new thing set up for people or customers finding it tough to pay bills he says i could get at least £20 took of the bill which sounds good!
i hate the fact you have to have a landline with BT even if you d don't use it ...other places ie now tv you can scrap the land line and just have the tv ...i spoke to him ie customer service before i seen this hike last night on the Martin Lewis show he told us all of it
blood* awful that's what it is Steve :(


  4 months ago
Nothing but theft Steve, pure and simple, the same with the utility companies.


  4 months ago
Oh well we will have to switch it all off and go back to human interaction


  4 months ago
It seems all telecommunication and broadband providers in the UK have this cosy deal built into their operations. This means there is no escape from this general rise ! Well over the top and has very little to do with usage as it's the network infrastructure and wages that drives cost and not the amount of usage, that is just a lame excuse for the 9.3% hike in prices.


  4 months ago
That's quite some increase; however, with my rather meagre use of phone it isn't going to be noticed here ~ Ruth uses her phone even less than me, she has PAYG and tops up £10 twice a year ?
Perhaps those who charge the most will find their customers drifting away to the cheaper brands ??
I must admit we pay a heavy price for Broadband (235 mbps) but it is fast and reliable ~ added to which O2 are now part of Virgin so I'm looking to do something with TV as well ~ I dread to think how much it all costs us if we were to look hard at it !!!
(I'll have to keep the old Dragon out at work a few more years?)


  4 months ago
Have to say broadband here is cheap as chips compared to SA , here I pay £28 for uncapped broadband, for the same in SA we paid £68! Same for mobiles. So cheap in comparison. That is because SA had 3 providers , here you have so many choices companies have no choice but to be competitive.


  4 months ago
It does seem a massive hike, but I think that will happen to everything this year. Energy prices are in the headlines but everything else will follow - except income!
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