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  5 months ago

No Bubble Wrap?

I dont treat myself often but i have been trying to get some nice bubble bath for weeks online and between not being good value, not being right sort, bids being cancelled by seller or just not arriving in one piece i have drawn a blank..this is how my Avon bubble bath arrived today from Ebay i.e broken missing cap, most of it missing and a plastic bag full of gloop! (Around two thirds of a litre of it) I had to claim a refund but i think the seller will say it's post office fault? The packing was inadequate though for sure. This was in a plastic posting bag and maybe could have done with a box plus bubble wrap! Have you had any packaging disasters lately?


  5 months ago
The last things to arrive here seriously the worse for wear were vintage TV sets from France in 2015 and 2018, both with cracked case plastics. The first with a 23" tube, suffered a shattered plastic tube surround bezel, also it's wooden box needed re-glueing in the corners, The second - a cute rotund little 12" portable - had a cracked plastic body shell. Repaired with aluminium reinforcing plates on the inside - so requiring an entire packet of Araldite to hold those in place.
Touch wood since those ( half-expected :) issues I scaled down my ambitions and other than a slightly leaky 25 kg sack of oats shipped unprotected / unboxed then witheld for a week at Hainault while the couriers kindly Scotch-taped the little hole, all has been fine !


  5 months ago
No, thankfully not! I’m always relieved when my packages are well wrapped though!


  5 months ago
I've tended to be lucky so far (but that will certainly change now).


  5 months ago
Have a look at NOTINO they have loads of organic ones


  5 months ago
Minimal packaging seems to be the trend now. I believe the thinking is that it's more environmentally friendly. What they don't think about is the waste caused by all the damaged products! Personally I'd rather receive a well packaged item that arrives intact then one I have to throw away and reorder because it's been broken in the post. I can always reuse packaging so I never just throw that away.

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