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  4 months ago

wiped from history

I was really upset when i found this out ,surely people are not so petty to be offended by a name it never was meant as a slur to anyone ,a male black labrador retriever belonging to Wing Commander Guy Gibson of the Royal Air Force, and the mascot of No. 617 Squadron. Gibson owned the dog when he was previously a member of 106 Squadron. ... igger died on 16 May 1943, the day of the famous "Dam Busters" raid, when he was hit by a car.The black Labrador dog's name was removed from the memorial by RAF Scampton because it "did not want to give prominence to an offensive term".

More than 3,300 people have signed a petition calling for the name of 617 Squadron's mascot to be put back.They have even replaced his name in the film with the name trigger.The dog is part of history ,we should remember him with his real name .This campaign has been running for two years now .I think we should concentrate on the here and now and stop trying to change history .Should we start changing names because they offend us ? Sorry maybe i am wrong but i think this also does Guy Gibson an injustice and accuses him of being racist ,when all he did was give his dog a name that was popular for dogs that were black ,the same way they called dogs snowy if they were white .And believe it or not it will not let me show you a photo of the gravestone because it says his name


  4 months ago
Well we can't time travel and change the past. It is what it is & people need to realise that. The poor dog was named around eighty years ago (not his fault) & no-one saw any offence at the time. There's a problem with it now though & i certainly don't think i'd want to walk a dog with that name & call it in the park!! It's a case of that was then and this is now isn't it? It's ironic that life is a hundred times more violent now yet people seem over sensitive & take offence very easily to things in the past.


  4 months ago
We need to remember and learn from history, not try to wipe it out. The "woke" activists may get a smug glow of virtue from criticising the past but it would do them good to remember that the people they point their fingers at - our and their ancestors - were ordinary folk, no better and no worse than the current generation.
If we don't learn from history, we'll repeat it.


  4 months ago
People are far too "sensitive" on these matters and tend to over react in many ways. History should be left alone as it is often meant to offend as part of the lesson it is teaching us about the past ways.


  4 months ago
You are right and I agree with you.


  4 months ago
Sorry, Rose ~ I wont say anything about it because I may offend somebody !


  4 months ago
I agree with changing the wording. This lovely dog was named by humans . It is unfortunate that the name has such negative connotations, but it does.
We have to wake up and understand how offensive words are.


  4 months ago
The world has gone mad, people nowadays seem to be too easily offended by things.


  4 months ago
I get it was the times that was the norm but we are in this time and can see it might annoy someone ...if someone called me a certain Irish name as it happened for years in my town id not have it Rose ...your a Scottish woman if someone started running down Scotland you d give them it as would Giz and a few others Irish joke would be allowed here though some give it a good go and many other things have been said to me on here to when i joined in the background i was in shock at them one person who went along with it i will never speak to again on here ...something like the Queens good English needs to be spoke and should they be on here , yea we are allowed as part of Britain , said by a low life who couldn't string a word together himself to be honest and a true racist i don't see on now probably put off or I'd get tore into him let me tell you as would i if they ran down anyone else from NI and have when it happened to another person here as again was asked should they be on here if Irish by the same person i may add i won't chat to again !
So therefore if its to be its to
be its not a nice word for a human or a dog but if he called it that in his past so be it ! ....its best took off as the memorial doesn't get broke or destroyed as Simon said that s more important for the man did a great service for Britain joining the RAF as did my father who was called every name under the sun daily even in his work after he faced abuse just for being a catholic and was a better example than them of respecting the country he was born in ! ...


  4 months ago
The "world" is, sadly taking offence at so much nowadays....


  4 months ago
When people start to rewrite history, it becomes muddled as they never know when to stop. I don't think they should change the dog's name, because every little change is to deny the people of the past and all of their accomplishments. Many people won't care about the dog, but it's a jigsaw puzzle of life, and each missing piece distorts the view for people now and in the future.
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