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  4 months ago

#CookWithToluna - time for dessert

If you love nuts and chocolate (like me :) ), this dessert is for you. Very quick and simple to make, and really delicious.

You'll need:
Cold water 100 ml
Sugar 100 g
Butter 120 g
Vanilla sugar 10 g
Walnuts (or whaterver nuts you like) 150 g
Biscuits (simple ones, like rich tea or digestives) 200 g
Cocoa powder 1 tbsp (15 g)

for glazing:
Chocolate bar (90-100 g)
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp

In a small saucepan, add water, sugar, butter and vanilla sugar and heat on medium heat until sugar is dissolved and everything becomes homogeneous liquid. While sugar with water and butter are heating, use the coffee grinder (or mini chopper) to grind the walnuts into medium crumbs. Then, using mini chopper, grind the biscuits into small crumbs and mix them well with walnut crumbs. Add the cooled water-sugar-butter mixture (it should be still a bit warm), mix well until yout get homogeneous mass. Divide this mass into 2 equal parts, add cocoa powder to one part and mix well.

Line a tray with baking paper, spread the dark biscuit/nut mass in the bottom, pressing with your hands into even layer. Then spread the light mass on the top, forming another layer.

Forr glazing, melt the chocolate together with the oil, let it cool down for a few minutes, and then pour it on the top of your dessert. It's done, you just have to leave in the fridge for 3-4 hours, so that it hardens. Take it out of the tray, cut into slices and enjoy!


  4 months ago
Delicious! Thanks for continuing to take part in our #CookWithToluna series Ruta :) We'll be sure to make sure these recipes appear in the next magazine this year!


  4 months ago


  4 months ago
Other than the biscuits it sounded like fudge. Must be yummy.


  4 months ago
O YES! Come to MUMMY! Yummy


  4 months ago
Might try at weekend

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