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  4 months ago

"Don't look up"

This film "Don't look up" was released in the end of 2021, and I hope that the majority of people watched it already, because judging form social media posts, it has invaded our world like the unexpected comet in the film. After watching it I can highly recommend it. In places it is hysterically funny, quite cruelly absurd, melancholy sad at the end, funny again after the subtitles... It is about the stupidity, deafness, blindness of modern consciousness, "clickbaite", ratings, scandals from pop-divas lives, all sorts of spam, fakes and lies, but also the tendency of us all to hide from reality. The obvious facts are taken as a joke and one does not want to realise that this will indeed be the case, and personal ambitions are more important than anything else. Such threats are used for making pomp and show, lying directly in the eye...

It is horrible to realise that this is what the reaction to a serious catastrophe would be - with messages from dumb influencers, worthless media PR, and piles of comments from pathetic followers. This film most certainly won't not reach those for whom it was intended, but it may mobilize those who have chosen not to go backwards.

Critics reviews about this film are mixed. Many praise actors for their great acting, but they don’t like the film itself more than they like it. But “Don't Look Up” has been nominated for four Golden Globes, six U.S. Critics' Choice Awards, four Detroit Film Critics Community (Best Original Screenplay) nominations and will undoubtedly be nominated for an Oscar. What is your opinion about this film?


  4 months ago
on my list of movies to watch


  4 months ago
i haven't seen it yet but it's on to-watch list


  4 months ago
I haven't watched because there's already a lot of that in real life , we are all going to die


  4 months ago
If you're looking for a funny movie to cheer you up of an evening after a humdrum day then Don't Look Up may not be the movie you're looking for. Sure it's often funny but usually in that depressing, 'ha, ha... oh dear this is kinda what it's like out there,' way, and then there's how it ultimately closes out. It does make a bit of an ask of suspension of disbelief in its ultimate allegory to climate change and politicisation of threat as few people are as truly blinkered, tribal and stupid so as to almost completely ignore a far more immediate extreme danger. Otherwise pretty decent on most relevant movie fronts and thus well worth a watch.


  4 months ago
I watched it and honestly its a bit woke and only partly funny, (depending on the person I suppose). I only give it a 6/10 score. The last 20 minutes was the best part for me.


  4 months ago
Sorry, I have more to do than watch films about users of social media I do not use.

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