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  1 month ago

A Testing time

We have builders in for 2 weeks and i thought it might be wise to have some lateral flow tests here ready just in case of any unfortunate transmission. I think there will be several tradesmen all young with kids. Last time i had the simpler tests I just walked into a chemist and they gave me a box but his time i walked there and they said sorry you have to get a code first to collect here.
I went home with the leaflet and tried the online link but it just gave me a bar code which my ordinary no data phone doesn't read. I then rang 119 as directed and loads of options came up which you are forced to listen to..then press this that and the other button till finally you get a person. Well i couldnt understand the person well as they had a very heavy African accent and there were kids screaming in the background plus everything i said was played back to me and this was most distracting.
I struggled for about 10 mins to convey my details and reasons for phoning after which he said he would have to read me the code over the phone. I dont know why as i did give him my email address. Well the screaming continued then he said 'Y" for yankee and then all went sort of easy listening pleasant music but nothing else.
I put down the phone and redialled ,went through all the same palava again ad got a cheerful Northern chappie with good equipment no glitches, no kids and no piped music. I got my code and now have to leg it back up to the chemist.
Not exactly an easy process is it?


  1 month ago
I haven’t tried! Reply


  1 month ago
I just send for ours online. I ordered some this morning and had a text to say they will be here tomorrow. Reply


  1 month ago
I just request the tests online and they are delivered within a day or two (last time I ordered around 4pm on Tuesday and received them by 11am the following day).
The system for collecting them from a chemist changed at the beginning of October.


  1 month ago
why so complicated? I just order them on the NHS website and they are delivered by Royal Mail the next day. I do this twice a week. Reply


  1 month ago
Just go to the NHS site, search for order covid tests, answer the questions, and they will be posted out to you. There are seven in the box, so you may have to order a second box, you can log the results online as well. Reply


  1 month ago
When I ordered some months ago I went to the NHS website and ordered them from there. They were posted to me. Reply

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