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  8 months ago

Think Positive!

Think Positive!

Never imagine to think right. Since it’s still pandemic it’s hard to find it.

No one to talk personally or share stories.
No one really would stay long with you and listen. Liked no one would or could care. Having a fun Day is not gonna happen right. Staying too long is a bit scary. Social life is gone.

Love yourself only is needed. Hard to say your Happy when you are not. Looking for space is imposible. No were to go. Feeling lost. Feeling tired, Feeling Irritate, Feeling uncomfortable. Start hating at home, work, kids even family. unable to sleep well.

Asking God Why? Why Not put it back to normal life? or Have a normal life. The Days will come & go…

This Why we should breath in & out.
Close eye for a bit.

But looking back at our good memories will be fine.

The virus will come and go! But we can keep on moving.

The virus will be over somehow, don’t know when or how! But when it ends, it ends with a freedom.

The people can survive the virus. But the virus will eventually die soon. It will remain in history.

God Bless you All or Everyone


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
I agree with you completely. Mental health is so important during this time. I’ve learned to take time for myself and rest. I pray to God for guidance and try to give myself grace on the hard days. I hope you do too.


  8 months ago
Nasa last days na kasi kaya may mga ganyan at unti unti na nafufulfill ang prophecies na nakasulat sa holy scriptures. So keep watch and pray dahil pahirap na ng pahirap ang mangyayari sa mundong ito.


  8 months ago
Sana nga matapos na ang pandemya, dami ng kawawa


  8 months ago
God bless you! Stay safe! :)


  8 months ago
Indeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It's true, we have to think positive talaga e. Look for the brighter side ika nga. Being positive always doesn't mean na we are invalidating each other feelings na. Iba iba tayo mag handle ng problema e. For some, siguro mahirap talaga mag cope up and its fine! Nobody says that things are easy, problems are not easy to handle, as well as our feelings. We are human beings and feelings are normal. If you have the need to feel bad or be angry, then feel free to express it! Don't even try to conceal it kasi pag sumobra na, sasabog talaga tayo e. Yun lang, to everyone who sees this, feel free to express your emotions, ha? I'm with you guys. I understand you. Some ppl are too harsh, di natin sila bati! Sana di masarap ulam nila! Char hahahaha. Love and light guys! <333

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