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  1 month ago

The New Variant - South Africas reaction

So yes it is here in the UK. Let's hope they can contain it while they figure out if the vaccines are able to still offer some protection against it. I imagine it will take a few weeks for us to get answers.

In the meantime I am so disappointed in my fellow South African's response to the travel ban. They are throwing an absolute tantrum saying they are being punished for finding the variant . This, as we all know, is NOT the case. The travel ban is simply to contain a strain that is cause for concern. Europe is struggling as it is, throwing a new variant into the mix is just going to drown us. The world is being smart and doing what it should. This is not personal, it is responsible. My opinion? Close borders immediately and establish some control and contain it. Put SA into an immediate lockdown of sorts.

Do you know that SA cases have been on average 200+- a day for their 7 day average. Then shot up to 1500. Do you know why? They "lost" 75 000 tests. Do you know what 75 000 tests look like? It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to be "lost". So we cannot trust the data coming out of SA. Did you also know in SA testing is not free . It costs R850 per test. That is about £39 . So take a family of 6 who all need testing when 80% of the population is living below the poverty line. Not hard to see the picture of inaccuracies is it. South Africans know this. Nevermind that the majority of the population refuses to take up the vaccine because their traditional healers and political party leaders have convinced them they will die if they have it and the president is the devil. I kid you not. When the population is made up of a majority that think this way it becomes a dire situation.

I always wear a mask when I step foot out of my home even though I am double vaccinated. It's a no brainer really. it's been proven time and time again that masks work but they only work if we are ALL wearing them and wearing them CORRECTLY.

A mask with your nose poking out is pointless. A mask you wear under your chin is pointless. A mask carried in your contaminated hands, handbag, car console or left on your potentially contaminated desk is therefore potentially contaminated and is pointless. A mask that you can blow through is pointless a mask that is not water resistant is pointless.

And the roller-coaster continues.


  1 month ago
We have to learn to live with COVID like we do with influenza - that has been around for years and has killed far more people! Reply


  1 month ago
her face says it all fed up with the whole thing! Reply


  1 month ago
i dont watch any news ever so i wouldnt know Reply


  1 month ago
I read that , what a silly reaction ! I see 13 people on a SA / Netherlands flight have tested positive . Also , experts are as yet undecided as to the severity of the problem . Reply


  1 month ago
Dr Angelique Coetzee,the lady who first identified Omicron said that the symptoms she has seen so far are extremely mild.
Perhaps we have a spready mutation but a mild one,we shall know soon enough now that Porton Down and the big Pharmas are examining it.
All I hear about masks seem to suggest that the virus is so tiny that passing through the massive holes in masks renders them pointless.

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