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  7 months ago

Long Lazy Weekends on Toluna are here! #BonusPoints

Hey Influencers!

It’s time to get comfy! Kick-off your long weekend on Toluna for a chance of winning lots of points and prizes. We'll have a special limited-time game and a fun content contest and even more to come next weekend too :)

The first content contest is an opinion contest - Happy Hour on Toluna (all weekend long).

Comment below on our topic by choosing one of our “specials” from our Happy Hour menu. Write at least 3 lines about the special you chose to get bonus points! But remember, you must comment before the end of the weekend, Sunday, 21 November @ 11:59 pm.

Happy Hour Specials:

Your favourite TV show | 200 points
Your favourite stay at home outfit | 400 points
Your favourite restaurant takeout food | 600 points

Are you ready? We can't wait to see what you share.

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  7 months ago
Your favourite stay at home outfit
I wear jeans just about all the time, when it's colder I have a t-shirt, shirt and sweatshirt with a fleece sleeveless top as a bodywarmer. Socks and slippers.
I have been known to change all my clothes when going out to the shops, in case I spilled food and missed it. I'll also don runners or walking shoes for going out, and change them when I get back.
I keep my hair short so don't have hair accessories.
These days my watch is a step counter which reminds me to get out and walk daily. I also tot up an amazing number of steps around the house, including stairs.


  7 months ago
Favourite restaurant takeaway food
We don't get takeaway foods, we cook at home. When we go to a restaurant we eat at the restaurant.
I'll go with the college café at my former college, where my regular lunch sandwich was a toasted panini with cheese and some of all the vegetables they had on offer. From tomatoes and sweetcorn, to sliced jalapeno and gherkins. I'd ask for it all.
At the start there was brie on offer but that quickly got toned down to shredded cheddar or mozzarella, I would get a mix if available.
Then I could take this full meal, wrapped in paper, and a cup of coffee to eat wherever I could find a seat.


  7 months ago
My favourite stay at home combo: fluffy socks, sweats and a cozy sweater teamed up with a steaming cup of herbal tea, watching my favourite Wings episodes, munching on spring rolls


  7 months ago
My favourite stay at home clothes is baggy trousers long tee shirt sofa TV munch goodies and order a nice takeaway for dinner.a well deserved lazy day


  7 months ago
Favourite stay at home outfit has to be a pair of tracksuit bottoms my favourite jack jones t shirt , socks and pair of flip flops, then just chill on sofa watching telly as I munch a load of munchies .


  7 months ago
My favourite stay at home outfit is a pair of joghings, and a soft blanket that I kept on the couch in front of the tv, for the moment after dinner, with chocolate


  7 months ago
Could you not find a better topic


  7 months ago
#Bonus Points
Favourite restaurant takeout food. Actually, I prefer home made food, and don't go for takeway often. There are not too many takeway options (and different cuisines) where I live, so I don't have a bog choice, but when I want to get someting nice, I go for chinese crispy aromatic duck :). I love duck, and I can eat it any time, and chinese duck is really nice. I normally ask for fried rice with it. I share some of my duck with my dogs and cats, and they all love it :).


  7 months ago
My favourite stay at home out fit is something very free and comfy like fluffy pyjamas. During this winter I love wearing fluffy pyjamas with hoodie and tail. In summer time I love sexy stay home outfit like Hot Bump short and a very transparent top on it.


  7 months ago
My favourite takeaway food has to be Chinese. We have one really close by, literally a three minute walk. Funny thing is that it's not walk-in, they only take orders by phone or online, so we don't even have to leave home. I normally get chicken balls, sesame prawn toast, prawn tempura and duck spring rolls, with sweet and sour and soy sauce on the side. That with a bottle of wine and a good movie/TV show is my ideal night in.
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