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  6 months ago

Food prices hit their highest levels in over a decade

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, food prices across the globe have reached their highest levels in over 10 years with a rise of just over 30% in the past year. While inflation is nothing new to many households around the world, the combination of the pandemic's financial impact and the cost of energy rising is only further burdening already-struggling families.

Supply chain issues, labour shortages, and political tensions are fuelling the upward trend with some of the most significant being seen in the prices of cereals and vegetable oils, of which demand continues to skyrocket despite numerous harvest setbacks.

However, some experts aren't hopeful that the situation will change anytime soon because "we've had pretty bad years [of harvests] in a lot of places," according to Peter Batt, an agribusiness expert at Curtin Business School and it's believed that climate change is one factor at the centre stage of falling production levels.

Disruptions in distribution remain to be another cause of concern because even when products are ready to be shipped out, health and safety requirements in place due to Covid-19 prevent crews from being able to carry out their onward journey.

Some also worry how the situation could also further aggravate social and political tensions, as the situation is likely to hit the less well-off social classes the most, pushing them further into poverty or threatening relations with countries that rely heavily on food imports.

Have you noticed an increase in the prices of everyday products recently?

Are you worried about how inflation will affect your finances?

Do you think there's anything that can be done to mitigate the effects felt by the most disadvantaged in society?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  6 months ago
Globally we are all suffering from the fallout as a result of Covid in terms of supply and demand for goods and services. The UK suffered a double whammy by leaving a ready made market of 600m people (Brexit). The impact has seen a rise in cost of trade, duties and bureaucratic paperwork and penalties for non compliance. The potential for trade with the 'rest of the world' will never compensate for the loss of ready access to the EU as a result of forfeiture of membership. Good luck for the future with that one !!


  6 months ago
Yes, especially in the last 2 weeks. I noticedd items I buy each week have increased in price last week, and the week before. Two price hikes in two weeks.


  6 months ago
YES.............everything has gone up considerably in the last couple of years, and at a time when we can all least afford it. Many people have lost their jobs during the Pandemic and are truly struggling to put food on the table let alone pay their bills. There are children going to school with no food in their bellies...........only to come home to a box of fast food.
Although I understand that households are going to buy cheap food, we really need to educate people how to cook and eat properly. It is a huge worldwide problem which is only exacerbated by the growing food prices that every supermarket is responsible for. They are ALL in it together and fix prices............although they deny it........
I was impressed by a particular inexpensive supermarket in England that has a complete basic range of foods, bread, milk, cheese, eggs, ham......the basics that we all normally buy without thinking. This range is their loss leaders..........they are sold for less than they actually cost. You can buy a white loaf for 10p and a brown one for 12p. EVERY supermarket should have a range like this. They throw out so much food...........we have all seen the programmes about people living off the food that supermarkets throw into huge skips.....
This is such an important issue and I am very passionate about the fact that every one should be able to afford good basic food and have the knowledge to cook hearty inexpensive and nutritious meals. Supermarkets are not helping, glossy cookery programmes are not helping, I don't know what the answer is...........
Years ago you would have Granny living with you and she would cook and pass on her culinary knowledge, nowadays we are so disjointed and confused........
Sorry to be ranting here............!!! I am passionate about eating right and the supermarkets are certainly not helping...................


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
Yes and sizing has decreased


  6 months ago
Definitely - and if the price hasn't increased, the size / portion of the product has decreased.


  6 months ago
depends on the products, but the increase is still noticeable


  6 months ago
The prices of food has gone up and this is making families to worry.


  6 months ago
It's very noticeable now


  6 months ago
Yes, very significant increases in the price of all foods. A combination of factors have contributed to the increases in food prices, increase in energy costs resulting in higher production, storage and transportation costs. These prices are also having an impact on the catering and hospitality sector, they have no option but to increase prices to cover their costs.
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