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  9 months ago


Just read something about the price of beer coming down.. and it makes me wonder.. why? I don't drink beer, hate it but I know loads of people enjoy a beer. I understand that much. I just don't understand why they bring down the price of beer instead of something else. Nappies, formula etc cost a fortune which many parents can't afford (don't say: if you can't afford a baby don't have one). Then there's public transportation.. why not bring the price down on that? Why beer? Congrats, now you can drink more beer than before. Something we were all really waiting for. What are your thoughts on it?


  9 months ago
Most of the cost of beer is duty - like with fuel…


  9 months ago
As far as we recall, it is only on such beers as craft beers, and draught beer. Draught beers because it should encourage more people to visit pubs, might help to stop some people feeling lonely, and might hopefully stop lots more pubs closing. Craft beers because they often have a lower alcohol ABV (alcohol by volume) than other beers and are also usually produced by small local breweries. Some other forms of alcohol, which includes some of the strong ABV beers have been increased in price. The idea is to encourage people to drink less alcoholic beers, and therefore, it is said, should promote healthier drinking. It should also help the hospitality industry by keeping more people employed.


  9 months ago
I drink lager ,but yes i do agree with you there are more important things that could benefit from bringing the price down ,as you say baby formula or nappies ,healthy food fruit and veg ,mens razors ,no wonder they all grow beards have you seen the price ,lots of things could help familys more


  9 months ago
I rarely drink beer and when I do its zero alcohol lager, yes bring down the cost of public transport is far better for all.


  9 months ago
They are only dropping the tax on beer, cider and sparkling wine served in licenced premises, pubs, restaurants,bars etc etc to encourage the public to use them and help those businesses that are really struggling because of the effects of the pandemic, it will not apply to alcohol sold in shops.


  9 months ago
Let joy be unconfined as my beers and wines will cost less eating out but no difference bought for indoor consumption,thus maybe boosting the economy for the hospitality industry.
I can only endorse what Minnie has so succinctly posted below.


  9 months ago
It's not because it's beer but because they are simplifying the alcohol tax system. They are chianging it so that the stronger the alcohol the higher the tax will be. Most beers will therefore attract less tax because they contain less alcohol than for instance fortified wines such as port and sherry. It might appear to be a bit of an anomaly but it does actually make a lot of sense.


  9 months ago
never mind beer the petrol is through the roof at the min it went up 9p in a week at sainsbury hun

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