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  6 months ago

It has to stop , but how ?

This video shows just one of the thousands of legal and illegal discharges that occur along our coastline and rivers annually .
Last year , there were 40 thousand instances . So , what do we do ?
The government says its unacceptable , but as many are deemed legal , how can they be legislated against ? My thought is concentrate on preventing flooding first . What do you think folks ?


  6 months ago
If they don't do something positive soon; the cr*p will hit the fan !!!


  6 months ago
Whatever people put down the drain ~ it ends up this way !
So, don't poo; pee; wash-up; have a shower/bath; etc. ~ you get the message !
It's got to go somewhere ???


  6 months ago
I hear Doris and his cronies voted against a law aimed at stopping it!


  6 months ago
No idea hun. you have to prove where it has come from before you can bring anyone to account


  6 months ago
The national infrastructure needs an overhaul and has been underfunded by most water companies since privatisation. If the money could be found to update and enhance the national waste infrastructure then not only should waste water be better managed but all the pot holes would have been fixed as most (if not all) roads would have been dug up!
They'll never find the funding for it though so our issue will continue to be an issue!
The Greens would probably point out we should not use flushable loos any more, which would probably be a solution.


  6 months ago
I saw this on the news and they showed the map of where it was discharged ,looks like it is everywhere throughout the country


  6 months ago
Many years ago, Steve, my wife had a temporary job for about 18 months, investigating various river issues. At that time, there was one particular reservoir that regularly, may I say, “forged” their water level records. This had nothing to do with sewage, but with the volume of water flowing from that reservoir, down river, to its exit at the coast. They had a sort of tachograph to send in, showing the water levels over a period of time. These often came in “smudged” with a huge ink blot over the records, and many other records were impossible to read correctly. Why, you might ask. Most probably because the reservoir wanted to keep the water for the population at the higher point of the river, rather than being allowed to flow downstream, so that farmers in lower situations could, with a licence, extract certain amounts of water to help their crops grow. Has it always been lies, lies, lies ? Possibly, yes. So this statement does not surprise me at all.

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