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  1 month ago

Taxing time

Time that self employed people made returns by the end of this month.
Last year due to lockdown, some of us were dragged kicking and screaming into the state of submitting returns online.
As a student I did not really have an income, but two different Revenue branches disagree on whether I could put the fees against an income anyway. I say I can, because it is staff training essential for my job.

The forms get complicated when you have more than two sources of income, however small, that you are declaring.

In a previous year when I got a letter from Revenue, the phone number on the top proved to be out of order for the whole month - or discontinued - and I only got to speak with someone eventually by looking up an old phone directory and using that number. They were unable to give me an explanation as to why they were sending out letters with phone numbers that were not working.

Have you used online Revenue forms, and how complicated did you find them?

The only good thing is that you can fill in a bit, then save and come back to it another day.

Warning that scammers are sending around text messages and claiming to be Revenue; the Revenue will not contact you this way.

In the past the scammers also sent emails looking for our bank details to send us refunds; when you have not earned enough to pay tax in the first place, you know you are not due a refund, so that one was easy to spot. Also at that time I had not set up an online Revenue account and had not given them my email.

There are also forms arriving, asking us to value our house for property tax. Given we never intend to sell, we do not have a value to submit. This seems particularly daft. How do you cope with this, and do renters need to submit a valuation?

Taxing times indeed and all this writing is of course procrastination. My excuse is that I can't start because the shop that sold me ledgers each year has closed. Oh well, I am off to Easons.


  30 days ago
Well it is complicated if you don't know some things. Reply


  1 month ago
I have found that now all the forms are online for a few years, the people in the office, if you manage to find one, know very little. They work in other areas now. The help forms online may be useful or may not, but the trouble is finding one to fit your query. Reply


  1 month ago
i don't think it's too hard :) Reply


  1 month ago
No I wish I knew more Reply


  1 month ago
Nightmare taxation is Reply


  1 month ago
Definitely a taxing ng time, tax returns is something I’m not knowledgeable about. Reply


  1 month ago
the easiest way to deal with your tax return is to set up a proper on line account with revenue and even if u have several jobs it is very easy i and my husband have been doing this for years Reply

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