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  7 months ago

What is your love language?

We express and receive love differently. How we communicate and express love can make or break our relationships.

The concept of love languages was developed by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.

The 5 love languages are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Here is a test to figure out your love language:
Words of affirmation
1. You really like hearing your partner say, "I love you." Those three words are particularly meaningful, special, and reassuring for you to hear. Again and again and again.
2. You appreciate when you are being acknowledged and praised. It's nice to have your efforts recognized with kind words, no matter how small it is. It lets you know that you are valued. Extra points if it's out of the blue.
3. The details matter, and it's important your partner remarks on things like if you changed your hair or actually put on work clothes instead of your pajamas for your Zoom work call. It shows they are paying attention, which helps you feel cherished.
4. You feel valued when they take the time to thoughtfully reflect and comment on something positive they notice you doing.
5. When you do something nice for your partner, they say, "Thank you," which makes you feel recognized and affirmed.

Quality time
1. You like to spend uninterrupted time with your partner. It's critical you have enough time to hang out and enjoy each other with undivided attention. No distractions, please.
2. It's meaningful when they make time for you, prioritize you in their schedule, and don't cancel plans.
3. Creating memories and special moments together is super important. Sharing new experiences means the world to you.
4. Time is precious, and it's meaningful to soak in every second of your time together.
4. You feel content and happy when you are around your partner, even if you aren't really doing anything. The important thing is you are spending focused time together.

Acts of services
1. You feel taken care of when your partner supports you and helps ease your responsibilities when they do little chores or tasks for you. Domestic bliss unlocked.
2. It means a lot when someone follows through on something, especially if they were paying attention and stepped in to help. When they do this, you trust your partner to pay attention to the little details.
3. You think talk is cheap; action means everything. You need someone to come through and to know you can rely on them. Show, not tell.
4. You love when your partner steps in to do little things for you to make your life easier.
5. If you're feeling stressed or tired, it would be nice if your partner saw it as an opportunity to step up and alleviate your burden by taking something off your plate that's easy for them to do. That small act helps you feel taken care of.

1. You feel loved when you receive a gift. The present itself is nice, but it's really the thought behind it that counts: The gift becomes an object that helps you remember they were thinking of you, which fills you with love.
2. After a date or a trip, it's special to take a memento home with you. Seeing the item reminds you of those sentimental moments.
3. The best gifts are the meaningful ones. If it's a surprise gift, even better. It strengthens the bond and builds a deeper connection for you.
4. During holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries, you want to commemorate it with a present of some kind. Those days are extra special, and you love using those days as a reminder of your commitment.
5. The gesture of receiving a gift demonstrates that you are seen, cared for, and prized. You really thrive on the thoughtfulness behind the gesture and treasure nostalgic items.

1. You look forward to hugs, cuddles, and kissing. Nothing beats tactile, physical intimacy.
2. You feel grounded in a relationship when physical affection is accessible and often cultivated. Holding hands, long embraces, and kisses are common and welcome occurrences.
3. You're game for public displays of affection. It helps you feel wanted and desired.
4. If your partner is sitting next to you, you would rather sit side-to-side and cuddle up. The closer, the better. If they are nearby, it's almost automatic you reach out to them to touch their leg, play with their hair, or give them a back rub.
5. Sexual intimacy makes you feel loved and closer to your partner.

Source: Mind Body Green
I read the book a couple of times because my husband and I struggled to communicate and appreciate each other. Do you know your love language? Mine is acts of service and quality time.


  7 months ago


  7 months ago
Spending time together


  7 months ago
Can I be all of the 5 love languages? LOL
However, I lean towards:
1. Words of affirmation and
2. Quality time.


  7 months ago
The way I like receiving gifts, but Ey he’s failing to gift me xhm

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