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  10 months ago

No speeding fines issued in Joburg and Pretoria for more than 3 months

Two firms that administer traffic fines to over 500 fleet operators have said the Johannesburg (JMPD) and Tshwane (TMPD) metro police departments have not issued any traffic fines for speed infringements caught on camera for more than three months.

A report, as published by Rapport and covered by MyBroadband, said these government entities have not loaded any camera fines on the National Traffic Information Systems (Natis) since 1 July 2021.

The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) also confirmed to Rapport that the Natis system recently experienced a sharp decline in the number of fines loaded by the JMPD and TMPD.

RTIA spokesperson Monde Mkalipi said the problems in Johannesburg are likely due to the expiration of a contract with Syntell, the company that loaded the fines onto the Natis system.

According to Mkalipi, the contract between the JMPD and Syntell ended in June – without any extensions or new service providers in place.

This lead to the responsibility of loading traffic fines falling onto the JMPD employees.

It is unclear what is causing the delay in Tshwane, however, as this department does not use Syntell.

In response to these issues, civil action group Outa has warned law enforcement agencies that a fine notice cannot be issued to an infringer if more than 40 days have passed since the infringement.

Johannesburg and Tshwane are currently the only municipalities where the new Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act is already in effect.

This act brings changes to the way in which traditional infringements and offences are handled.

The Aarto Act is currently being rolled out and is in its second phase – out of four total phases.

The second phase will see drivers and fleet operators who have infringed on traffic laws penalised by imposing demerit points that could lead to the suspension or cancellation of licences, professional driving permits, or operator cards.

A maximum of 15 demerit points can be received by a driver, and thereafter, they will be disqualified from driving their vehicle.

The duration of the disqualification will equal three months for every point over the 15-point limit.

The second phase of the Aarto roll-out will also introduce the electronic service of documents, such as traffic infringements.

What do you think of the Aarto Act?


  10 months ago
That's scary


  10 months ago
I think that there is too much corruption for this law to be applied fairly

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