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  1 month ago

Reviews etc.

Do you write any reviews on Zomato etc? If you have had a good or bad service from a restaurant or business do you contact them via Facebook etc? Do you read reviews before going to a restaurant or buying things such as fridges, t.v.'s etc. Do you follow any businesses etc on Facebook? Thanks.


  1 month ago
I write a review if I’ve had a good experience but only on a small business as they need a boost. I don’t write bad reviews as I find its better to approach the company directly. This is because it may be no fault of theirs and they can put it right. I find a lot of people write nasty reviews because they don’t like the company or they just haven’t got much else’s to do with their time. Reply


  1 month ago
I am big on reviews, both reading and writing them. I believe a good job, product, service should be shared and acknowledged as much as I believe in warning people about saving their money. I am always honest. I remember writing a review on a pair of harem pants I bought that fell apart in the first wash. They must have used an inferior cotton. I got blasted by the company and called "batsh!t crazy" for requesting a refund or replacement. I then posted a screenshot of their response with the review and was sent a new pair of harem pants on condition I remove the review. I never did remove it! Reply


  1 month ago
I do read some of the reviews just to get an idea or information of what is going on in the market. It’s not my way to criticise anyone through social media. I prefer to talk or deal with them in person or by phone if I have queries or complaints. It is always good to be up to date and know what are the new products and services that are available in the market. No, I do not follow any businesses on social media but I do enter their site if I really need something from them. Reply


  1 month ago
I do sometimes write reviews if I visit somewhere and have a good experience and often write reviews about products for different websites as part of a review crew, it’s really fun and gives me a chance to trial and keep new products. Reply


  1 month ago
No idea. Reply


  1 month ago
I write both good and bad reviews on both Zomato and also Google Reviews. Not only about cafes/restaurants but also about other businesses such as Medical Specialists and any other business I use for whatever reason. I have had the companies i have reviewed reach out and thank me for my reviews especially for the negative reviews as they want feedback. I also read reviews not only about Cafes/Restaurants but also other businesses and when buying a big ticket item such as a Television I always look for reviews and what other people have said online about what I am looking about buying. Most of the time my reviews are good reviews but occasionally i do have to write a negative review. Reply


  1 month ago
I have written up many reviews over the years, particularity on product review where you can also write up about businesses, I will write up good and bad reviews that are hinest Reply

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