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  1 month ago


Hilarious column in today's Courier Mail. The author was talking about relaxation. A bath is meant to help you relax, but she has to clean it first, which is not relaxing. Deep breathing is also a good way but the author claims, that if you do it in public, people may think that you are about to sneeze or vomit.Yoga hurts her back. What are some funny ways that you have been told will relax you? Have you ever tried them? What are some weird things that cause you stress? Love to see your replies.


  1 month ago
Some weird things that cause me to stress are physical touch or when people around me are not speaking rationally or being realistic really stresses me. Reply


  1 month ago
Sex Reply


  1 month ago
good one relaxing. Reply


  1 month ago
Well often balance is a thing for me, all these relaxing poses aren’t as easy to do as people may think or the exercises. Reply


  1 month ago
Cant have a bath wished I could as it helps with my psoriasis Reply


  1 month ago
I can sympathize with the cleaning of the bath before being able to relax in it as our cat has a habit of playing in our bath with muddy paws, he might get a shock if I turn the taps on! I get stressed when my weekly shopping trip goes wrong like this week when the butcher hadn't got my pork order sorted and had run out of the cut I wanted, then when I tried to do the QR check-in on our new phone it wouldn't work properly (turns out it was my fault as I hit the wrong button), then I forgot to get money out which I needed for today's visit to finally have my hair done, so I had to go back to the ATM. I was a bit ragged when got home. Never mind though, I had a lovely relaxing time at the hairdresser today, beautiful head massage, cut and colour fix many months overdue. Reply


  1 month ago
Actually chamomile tea helps me relax and believe it or not antihistamines even the non drowsy ones make me drowsy and do relax me a lot.
If I exercise I get more energetic, but a good massage can send me to heaven and I haven't had one off those in a while. There is a Chinese lady who catches my bus and I think she works in a massage clinic, no not that sort, every time she sees me she massages my shoulders and arms. If I'm heading out shopping by the time I get to my stop I feel like a nap not a shop. Unfortunately I dont see her that often now since COVID came calling.

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